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inspiron 1760 - wireless on/off switch does it exist? where is it?


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inspiron 1760 - wireless on/off switch does it exist? where is it?

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i have owned the above equipent for several years.  As of yesterday, 5/20/10, i accessed the internet and outlook express without problem.  This AM that access disappeared and I have not been able to reestablish that previously existing network.  (i have a desk top access both intermet/outlook.  as I attempted to get things working I encountered a window that advised to turn on the wireless switch.  

I have been talking to Dell Tech support and, afterr 2 hours of effort, his conclusion is that I got a virius and that we are going to have to start from scratch.  Before I takje this drastic step, e.g. backing up every thing I can,  I seen to know..


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  • I have an inspiron 1764 my wireless is on the F2  key


  • thank you.  After reviewing your post, as well as other info, I FOUND A SLIDING SWITCH LOCATED ON THE SIDE AT THE VERY FRONT OF THE LAP TOP!  It was hard to see as it was next to another push in  projection.  After pushing the swith to the on position and restaring, wireless capacity returned!!   I did the Fn/F3 act also but frankly I do not know which one or both worked...??  But thanks for the response as it kept me looking.   The part that bugs me as that tech support would have had me dump every thing and start from scratch as they assumed, after 2 hours plus of telephone support, that it must be a virius. 

  • you should also be able to go into the BIOS to disable the switch. I actually had a desktop that suddenly stopped working no switch on the outside but the BIOS had a setting to disable/enable the switch. Disabled the non-existant switch and that fixed the issue!