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Blank screen on startup - XPS M1530

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I woke up this morning and tried turning on my xps laptop and to my suprise it... doesn't.  The power comes on, the power LED is on and it makes all the sounds the laptop itself makes on start up but the screen just stays blank.  I tried to leave it on while I showered but still nothing happens.

I've already looked through the tech support and couldn't find anything.  It tells me my LCD may be broken but if that's the case an external monitor would work but even using one nothing is displayed so i can rule out a broken LCD.  I called tech support and the agent doesn't even give support and just tells me right off the bat i need to replace my LCD for $499 even though i told him i tried using an external mon and can rule out a broken LCD so no help there.

Can anyone advise as to what may be wrong and what I can do?  I really do hope it isn't faulty hardware as i am a student and just don't have that kind of money to fork out.  Also it may be noted I've had absolutely no problems with it in the past and the night I was using it before it was working perfectly fine.

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    Hi guys,

    I've finally reached the solution for the blank screen problem which I've been suffering for like 2 years :(
    It was a malfunctioning IC that's responsible to power up the processor, I've replaced it at a Computer Maintenance shop near my location because I dont have the equipments/experience needed for this. it costs about $15. I opened up my Dell so many times before for both fixing and cleaning attempts as it has been already out of warranty for so long, therefore I knew exactly what the repairs man was doing while giving him answers to possible solutions which I've already tried until we pointed out the issue.

    Once that malfunctioning IC is replaced the problem is totally fixed. and my Dell N5010 is working like a charm :)

    Anyway I thought I must share this fix, it definitely might be what's causing your Black screen problem too. Because I've tried every other possible solutions across the whole web (possibly) with no result at all. so this solution might be the only working one for this persistent problem on the web so far :)

    Good luck, please share your results if this solution has fixed or "Tragically" didn't fix your problem.


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  • Do you see anything on the screen at any point when you press the power button? The Dell bios logo? Anything at all?

    When you tried the external monitor did you make sure to use the fn/external monitor key press to make sure you were switching over to the external port?

    When you say "all the sounds the laptop itself makes on start up", do you hear windows starting up?

  • there is nothing on the screen.  I should've been a little more specific: the screen just appears to be off rather than blank.

    I'm not famiilar with the fn/moniter key as i've never had to use it.  Is it the crt/lcd fn key?

    By sounds i mean the laptop hardware sounds when turned on.  There is no windows sound or anything from the speakers.



  • Yes, the key stroke I was referring to is the one for crt/lcd.

    Does it make any particular sound, say three short beeps, or anything that would represent a pattern?

  • No beeps.  The sound i was refering to was just the cd drive moving or something,  it's probably easier to understand if you own same one but yeah.  No other sound other than that.


    I tried the crt/lcd but it doesnt seem to work, rather it doesnt seem like anything works once its been "turned on".  The screen stays off and nothing else happens.

  • Ok, last question and I will throw out a few options.

    Are any of your palm rest lights staying on when you try to boot the machine up. If so, which ones and in what order once it starts up and stays still for a few seconds?

  • Not sure what you mean by palm rest lights but if you're refering to the power lock/caps lock/num lock then they're placed somewhere else on this model.


    If you're talking about those lights then none of them come on during normal start up.  I did try to turn it on while holding the fn button and all the lights come on except for the number lock which just flashes.  The lights stay like that indefinitely.

  • Well, it sounds to either be something isn't seated properly on your motherboard or your motherboard is bad. Let's choose to look into the lesser of evil.

    I would try re-seating the memory modules first. You can learn about how to do this by watching some of the "installation" videos on YouTube.

    One thing to note is to ALWAYS remove the A/C adapter, remove the battery and press the power button on your laptop BEFORE working on it. The system should never be powered and pressing the power button after will help release any energy left in the system.


  • The same happened with me yesterday.. when I switch on the laptop the touchstrip lights blink as usual..  but then nothing.. the HDD light (which was lit earlier) gets turned off and only the power light is on... blank screen.. no beeps.. no flickering of lights to suggest anything..

    I checked the memory modules too.. I have 1x2GB and 1x1 GB memory modules.. tested each one by one but nothing..

    Checked the display by connecting an external monitor..pressed the fn+lcd key too (in my laptop its this combination) but nothing so it seems the display is fine..

    From what I know only two possible problems left.. the bad one is less possible but could be that hdd has crashed and its preventing booting too.. (as I said less possible)

    The second one and the worst one is that the motherboard is gone..

    Thought there could be a problem with power circuit but initially power goes to everything (as shown by the lights) so left out that case..

  • Hi lso have same problem.Did anyone resolve this issue

  • what turn out to be the problem for yours? I have the exact same problem with my xps m1530, tried everything above but nothing works....this happened yesterday...please help

  • I'm having the exact same problem with my XPS M1530 (from 2008), 

    The power comes on, but the screen stays black.

    When doing a D+Power the colors are showing up,
    Fn+Power givs me the flash code FLASH-ON-ON but no sounds.

    This has happened to me a couple of times,
    but was previously solved by power on/off a couple of times.
    This time it seems permanent...


  • I'm having the exact same problem with my XPS M1530 (from 2008) too.

    I have few times this problem, first time like a half year ago. And every times I tried to repair it myself, I disassemble and assemble and after it's work, and I have a trick. If turn on your computer and screen is blank, turn off, after remove battery, put it to AC and turn on, and work, don't turn off, put back battery and work. If you d'ont make everething like wrote before, after then try again isn't work. So first turn off, remove battery, put to AC and turn on after but back the battery.

    I don't understand, if I remove buttery and try again why working? But just if make first time everything like wrote before.

    But this time, I don't make that, I turn off and turn on again. So don't work now those steps.  I have one time same problem, and "just" disassemble some component after assemble, after turn on and work. But now I make same and isn't work.

    what I noticed:

    turn on, everything sounds good, start normal. the multimedia keys lights up, but the others led don't I mean num lock, caps lock and I thing have 5, only the bluetoth led light up just a second. The HDD maybe isn't work because no light the HDD led. And when I turn on after 2-3 secounds will be quieter, when I disassemble I so that one cooler stops after 2-3 sec. I thing is the VGA card cooler but I'm not sure.  I put it a DVD, but I can't  remove it, because isn't work any multimaedia keys, when I push it, just lights up and thats all. And one more, the laptop when turn on is some function is working or just use a power, because when I disassemble some component like CPU is heats(warm).

    I thing is mainboard problem, but no LCD or HDD, (HDD don't need to start computer)

    someone found a solution to it? Anyone know why make that?

    Please send me a message to <ADMIN NOTE:Email id removed per privacy policy>  thanks.


  • Right, so the same problem here. It started two days ago. The laptop sounds like it would start normally but the screen stays off and after a couple of seconds even the startup sounds stop. But the laptop stays on.

    The weird part is that, sometimes, it starts after leaving it off for a while. But I couldn't find a rule and I'm afraid it will end by not starting at all. I ran the diagnostics tests and everything seems OK. The laptop is out of waranty unfortunately. I tried connecting an external monitor and it doesn't make any difference.Onestly I think it is the motherboard. If it is the case then I'm left without my 1000 euro laptop which seemed to working perfectly until 2 days ago. I wonder how much these motherboards cost and if it worth thinking about changing or reparing them.

  • Hi, I have a solution :).

    So, no mainborad problem have, only VGA processor, or how to say... I think I posted (writed) somewhere here in forum. I wrote again.

    I don't know what laptop  you are, I have XPS M1530 and if you disassemble your laptop, you have processor and the VGA chip, so you have problem with VGA chip, on youtube have video how to rapair it. You can use hairdryer or something else, it's not a joke. You need to warm up the VGA chip, but only the VGA chip, no mainboard and others. And will be work your laptop. I tested it. If you play a game or just use anithing else which the VGA chip is make hot, and you switch off your laptop, you have chance that your laptop make this problem.

    So try to warm up the VGA chip, you can find witch is on website, there are many help, that how it looks like your laptop.

    And you can find video or forum where write more solution.

  • Had the same problem with my m1530 (USA) a couple of years ago. Dell replaced the mother board under warranty. In June of last year (2010) it completely shut down and couldn't get it power on at all. Dell again replaced the mother board under warranty. In December 2010 the softtouch buttons started sticking and Dell replaced the button strip and the monitor under warranty. Warranty expired Dec 27, 2010 and I thought about extending but it was $300 which I figured I rather put towards a new system sometime rather than sink more into a machine that has such a poor track record.

    Well just this week March 15 my m1530 completely died again. Power supply light out, battery fully charged but laptop will not power on. Unplugging the power supply from the wall and laptop then back into the wall fixes the led light on the supply but as soon as I plug into laptop the light flickers and then goes out. Dell says the mother board needs to be replaced and since I'm out of warranty it will cost me $200.

    Don't think it is worth getting it repaired since it is only a matter of time before it fails again.

    Trying to see if Dell will give me some kind of a discount on next purchase since this has happened multiple times even after replacement/repair. I doubt they will based on how far down hill their products/services have gone.