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Vostro 1500 Hard Drive Replacement


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Vostro 1500 Hard Drive Replacement

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What type of hard drive will fit in my notebook? I looked at a WESTERN DIGITAL Scorpio WD2500BEVE 250GB, WD2500BEVE 250GB, PATA/IDE 5400 RPM 8MB Buffer Mobile Hard Drive but the connection is different.

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  • kvjimbo,

     Looked at Dell compatibility and the attachment shows a WD 320gb Scorpio at 5400 rpm for your system at a good price. As long as your changing, get more storage. Go to dell support, parts & upgrades, put your service tag # in and they will recommend for you. Check out the 7400rpm as well for more speed. Recently put a WD 7400 in my 3 yr old M2010.



    Hope this helps.

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  • That is a parallel ATA drive - the Vostro 1500 needs SATA.  You will need to return the drive and purchase a Serial ATA drive.


  • Thanks.

  • I've bought a Western Digital WD3200BEVT 320gb SATA3 connector and works fine on the Vostro 1500. Installed Windows 7 and besides the memory corruption bug, everything's fine.