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Inspiron 1520 "Plugged in, not charging"

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Hi all, i'm having a problem with my Inspiron 1520 and was wondering if anyone has had any similar issues (google returns lots of results but none which are conclusive).

I've had my inspiron 1520 since Dec 2007 and just recently it has stopped charging. When plugged in it says "Plugged in, not charging" in the taskbar, and the battery doesn't charge.

Over the past few years i have been allowing it to discharge and then charging it up again, which i now know to be wrong for a Lion type battery. I also game on the laptop, and sometimes the temperatures get to 70 degrees, although i allow it to get air properly.

I have tried upgrading the BIOS to A09, which is the most up to date anyway, but there is no change.

In the BIOS it says under battery "Idle" and "AC Adapter:Unknown Device".

It's also running noticably slower, in the BIOS it says it's running at 1.2ghz clock speed (it's a T7250 @ 2.00ghz).

I'm thinking it's a fried motherboard maybe, judging by google results, anyone got any idea? Removing battery and just using AC power has no effect.

Not sure if it's in Warranty (i did extend when i had another problem), and i don't want to start replacing batteries / AC adapters if that's not the problem.

Service tag is if that is any use to anyone?

Many Thanks

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  • First thing to try is another Dell AC adapter - if it isn't recognized either, then yes - you do have a faulty mainboard.


  • If you use another AC Adapter be sure to use one of the same voltage. If you need 90-watt & use a 65-watt, it won't charge it.

    You do, indeed, have a 90W adapter (according to your service tag on Dell support site). So yes, try another 90W adapter (it'll be listed on the adapter).

    If that doesn't work you either have a faulty motherboard that has for an unknown reason has under-clocked your CPU. This may be because of the constant gaming & temperatures above 70C.
    On that note, the high temperatures may have damaged the CPU itself in someway.

    According to the warranty information you have 230 days of service left from today (April 18th) to have it serviced. I suggest you do so.
    Looking at what all you received with the unit I assume you're in Britain somewhere? It has an "Irish Accessories Package" listed. The phone number listed on the Dell UK site is 0870 908 0800.

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  • Ah thanks for that mate, yeah i'm in England, no idea what an "Irish accessory pack" is. Pint of Guiness and a photo of a leprechaun?

    I just took a look at the AC adapter and near the end where the plug is (laptop end) i can see bare wire through the little slat type parts (as in the sleeve part just before the plug).

    So, would an AC adapter damaged in this way deliver less wattage and thus not charge the laptop?

    I wriggled it around a bit and now it charges, but it did this the other day as well and i may just be putting that cause to the fault when it is just the mobo deciding when it wants to work.

    Either way i guess i have to call dell, anyone know if the AC adapter will be covered by warranty? I don't fancy paying £55 for another one.


  • Give me a handle Jameson & we'll call it an Irish Accessory pack! HAHA

    Being damaged, yes the Ac Adapter could potentially deliver the incorrect wattage; this is probably true for you.

    If the area it connects to on your laptop wiggles (this is called the DC JAck) you're going to have to send it in for repair. The way Dell laptops are designed are that piece is directly connected to the motherboard. unlike Toshiba which have a "daughter-board" that connects the DC Jack to that, then to the motherboard. So get that motherboard serviced!

    Now as far as that AC Adapter goes... well here in the States it's hit & miss with AC Adapters. In your situation, where the sleeve is damaged, Dell may not consider that a manufacturer defect; in the US Dell would probably not replace it. That being said, I know 3rd-party Dell service providers are usually more lenient & will replace it for you under Dell's warranty.

    Good luck to you!

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