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Laptop will not recognize charger


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Laptop will not recognize charger

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Hello, this will be my first time posting on this website. I will explain my problem as thoroughly as possible.

Basically, this problem started about two weeks ago. My 
Inspiron Mini 9 is set to be the brightest setting when plugged in, and the lowest setting when not plugged in. One day the screen started flickering from the bright to dim setting as i adjusted the laptop, it quickly stopped and was not an issue again for some time. Then later, while still plugged into the wall, the laptop just stopped charging and switched to battery power. Which brings us to the present. The laptop Now, as I write this message, battery is at 45% with no hope of charging again. Shifting or twisting the laptop plug was a temporary fix, but now it will not help at all.

I guess the point of this thread is to ask, what is wrong with my laptop, and how can I (Or Dell) fix it?

And before it is suggested, yes, the laptop is plugged in correctly into an outlet. And the battery works absolutely fine.

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  • If under warranty, rush to DELL and log the problem.

    If possible test the AC adapter with a similar laptop - if it charges a battery the problem is narrowed down to either the DC jack or the Motherboard.

    If it does not charge a battery either, try the AC adapter of the other laptop. If fixed, replace the AC adapter.

    As indicated, Shifting or twisting the laptop plug was a temporary fix, which could make it a contact problem.

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