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How to enable Fn permanently?


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How to enable Fn permanently?

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Relates to Dell Studio 1558.


I don`t know which 'clever guy' invented all F1..F12 to be disabled by default in my keyboard but it is mighty annoying. I want to debug my software by pressing F10, but it`s impossible since I have to press Fn as well, which is in the opposite section of keyboard and my hand is just to small to reach both those keys. I want to rename file in my remote computer by pressing F2, but this results in my WiFi being turned off and my remote desktop being killed. And it`s only because some crazy Dell inventor failed to understand what really Fn means.

What I really want is to get F1...F12 functionality when I really press those keys. I don`t want to be forced to press Fn every time. How would you help me?

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  • I think you are a bit confused.

    Fn+F2 turns off the wifi. F2 by it self does nothing.

    Fn+F10 opens the DVD drive tray. F10 by itself does nothing.


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  • You should be able to make this change in the Bios, I did on my Studio 1555

  • Dear friend, i have the same problem with mi laptop. I use the function keys in every application so, i understand you. I can change this setting in my laptop, so i think this can help you. I have a Inspiron N5010 model, whith Windows 7 Home Premium (spanish). Run the Windows Mobility Center (Start -> All programs-> Accesorios) and them select use the function keys in the dell special features. Setting this, you use the function keys normally.

  • Power on computer

    Press f2 continuously

    You will load into bios.

    Go to advanced- navigate to Function key

    Change the setting to Function key first.

    Save changes by clicking f10.

    That resolved my problem.

    Hopefully will resolve yours.