Typing and computer skips characters or drops them in the wrong place


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Typing and computer skips characters or drops them in the wrong place

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We have an Inspiron 1525 laptop that has suddenly begun skipping letters when we type in any format. Sometimes it actually jumps the cursor back to the beginning of the line while we are typing. We do not touch any other keys, touchpad, etc. It just happens. We have rebooted and checked ever setting we know but we can't get this very annoying problem to stop. Anyone have a solution out there? We are getting very frustrated and it is nearly rendering the computer useless. Is there anything we can do to resolve this keyboard issue?


Anna Mary

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  • I have an Inspiron 1564 laptop - Bought it new last July.

    A week ago the cursor started skipping around.  Same deal as you have.  This is insane.  I can't take my eye off the screen as the cursor could have jumped to a new section, backward and forwards, up and down, and puts letters in the wrong place.  I can't type two straight sentences.

    The keys that I'm hitting are all correct so it's not a direct keyboard issue.  It's the action that drives the cursor.  The mouse doesn't seem to be a problem either.  It functions just fine.  Something has happened to the link to the cursor.  Please help.  This is a maddening.


  • Wow, I forgot even posting this question about a year ago. I'm even more surprised that Dell hasn't suggested a fix. I've talked around with friends since then and many of them have the same problem. One person suggested something that worked as a fix, but not a perfect solution. The problem for us started when we did a DELL upgrade to the laptop. That knocked out our touch-pad sensitivity controls. Our typing started flying all over the page after that upgrade. Our friend suggested that we find our touch-pad files and turn off the tap mouse-pad for click feature. The problem is a sensitivity issue, so that took care of the overly sensitive pad. We now have to use the left click control instead of tapping the pad.


    Let us know if this works for you. I'm sure it will. We like our DELL desktop computer, but this is the last DELL laptop that we will purchase. We have an Asus tablet size computer and love it. Everyone that we know that has an Asus loves it too.



  • I too have this same problem and I am at my wits end!  Why hasn't Dell responded to this problem? Surely their must be a fix to this other than the above suggestion.   I will clearly think long and hard before buying another Dell product if I cant get his resolved by the company.

  • I also have the same issue with missing characters. On Dell Latitude E6520

    Restored original OS image - the same.

    Run keyboard diagnostics both Pc-Check an Dell's - keyboard is OK.

    Boot to Linux, no problem.

    Dell support?? This laptop is out of warranty - you on your own.

  • the pad's sensitivity needs to be reduced in the pad settings. Easiest thing to try is the free Touchfreeze utility.  It shuts down the pad while typing, so errant touches of the pad don't affect the cursor. with sensitive pads, you don't even have to touch the pad to move the cursor

     sorry for the mis-spells.

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  • The p i ibe.

    This means:

    The pad is disabled

  • Guys,

    I think I have nailed it. So far I can type and it does not look like above. (The p i ibe)

    If this is consitent after a few reboots I shall name the culprit and the tool that has uncovered it.