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Error Code:0123


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Error Code:0123

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These 2 days, my laptop always "beep"ing when I turned it on...

I didn't know why..., then I runned diagnostic checks, and the result was:

Error Code 0123

Msg:Error Code 2000-0123

Msg:Memory Integrity Test failed






What should I do??

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  • Error code 2000-0123 indicates that there is a problem with your RAM.

    If you have more then one stick you could try taking one out and just running off one stick, and then swapping to the other one if it is is still not working.

  • I'm a beginner in computer skill...

    I don't really know what is RAM..., and how to check it...

    I know that I have 4 GB RAM, but I don't understand how to check whether I have more than 1...=?

  • No one's going to be able to offer much help unless you indicate the model name and number of your system. 


  • The same problem is happening to my PC Error Code 0123 Msg Error Code 2000-0123.  Is there a solution??????

  • Remove and reinstall both memory modules.  Re-test.  If the error occurs again, swap the two modules.  If the error follows the module, the module is bad.  Replace it with a new one.  If the error follows the socket, not the module, it's the mainboard that's bad.  It will need to be replaced.

  • I need help for repair

  • Hi nimely57,

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