Dell Inspiron 1545 problems (Have error code)


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Dell Inspiron 1545 problems (Have error code)

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Hi, daughter bought a new dell inspiron 1545 laptop a week ago and today it will not turn on.

When you turn it on it just says Windows is loading files with a progress bar that goes right across the screen. After numerous attempts to turn computer on we left this running and after 3 hours the progress bar had not even moved a quarter of the way across the screen! I then turned laptop back on again and pressed F12 and ran diagnostics. This came back with the Error Code: 2000-0142 and the message Hardrive 0 self test unsuccesfull, Status:70

Of course this means nothing to me other than a problem with the hard drive is failing to boot the system.

Any ideas from anyone here? I have tried unsuccesfully to e-mail Dell technical as there is no clear way of doing this. When i put the service tag in and press submit, the website seems to want to scan my system to see which dell computer i am using. As my daughters laptop will not switch on i am not actually on it, not even using a dell computer. The only reason i am trying to e-mail them is that the Technical helpline is now closed.

Would appreciate any help or ideas with this problem

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi, Jeepboy71:

    That error indicates a hard drive failure. Since your system is new, I'm afraid you have no choice but to wait until you can call for service.

  • Many thanks for the reply, i will get on to them tomorrow!


  • You could try reseating the HDD into the connector, simple as unscrewing the cover and pulling it out then back in (power OFF 1st). Look for can/cylinder icon(s) underneath for the screw location(s). My 1521 has 4 screws and raised grip area to pull on.

    Go ahead with a replacement anyhow, if that works for now.

  • Hi thanks for the replies, she took it back and got a replacement. Everything is sorted.