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Dual Voltage Laptop?


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Dual Voltage Laptop?

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I have a Studio 1535 and the US Air Force is sending me to Germany where the power is 220v vs. 110v.  How can I tell if my laptop is dual voltage and will be able to work without a transformer?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 

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  • It should be. All my Dell laptops are.

    But you will need a plastic adapter for the part the goes into the wall outlet. That will be different.


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  • Look at the AC specs at the back of the AC adapter. It's probably listed as 100 - 240 Volts AC.

    My poor AC power adapter had to each anything between 80 and 280 Volts AC.

    It survived the treatment even the bad electrical grid of India - which is pretty much the benchmark for the worst possible grid.

    You'll need a travel adapter OR an European power cord to plug the AC adapter into euro-style AC sockets.


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