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Dell Inspiron 1750 keyboard problem


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Dell Inspiron 1750 keyboard problem

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I recently purchased an Inspiron 1750 and since I took delivery I have had a major problem with the keyboard. When I type, the cursor jumps all over the page such that as I type a sentence the cursor jumps to a different line between keystrokes. It occurs approximately once for every sentence that I type. This requires constant vigilence and editing and of course it is incredibly annoying. This problem occurs in my browser (right now for instance) and also in my word processor and all other programs so it is either the keyboard or system software that is at fault. I sincerely hope we can find a solution soon because my Dell computer is almost useless to me except for web browsing.

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  • This problem oddly enough is not related to the Keyboard at all.  Instead it is the touchpad.

    While you type your hand slightly touches the pad moving it and Taps it.  A new feature to most laptops is "Tap to Click".  Really not all that new just more sensitive than ever before. 

    If you want this to go away you must figure out what program is managing your touchpad and turn down the sensitivity of tap to click or turn it off completely.  I suggest calling Dell or going to a local Best Buy if this is over your head. 

    Again Tap to Click is causing your problem here.

  • This solution worked for me. Same issue you have/had.

  • I know exactly what the gentleman before you is speaking of.


    IT IS NOT the accidental touching or swyping of the touch pad. One can keep perfect "piano hands" above the keyboard never coming in contact with the touch pad and it wil do it anyway.

    It happens on either of these occassions which i notice: 1) I have hit some random key and perhaps pressed way to hard 2) i press on the wrist REST area (in combo with keystrokes) and thereby must put pressure (underneath) again where it causes a TOUCHPAD wire signal to be depressed << i think. ALL I CAN TELL YOU IS THERE IS NO CONTACT with the TP AT ALL.


    OR SOMETHING like that.


    I have read where in the true cases where people are brushing the touchpad it makes sense to enable/disable, adjust sensitivity, etc.

    I have most recently read the clever suggestion to go to mouse properties and make sure the BLINKING cursor slide is all the way to NONE and to UNCLICK anything with some mouse tab configuration (Hide Mouse when I type, i think).

    I have read years ago where some folks would dissassemble their laptops placing some kind of shim underneath the casing.

    PLUS, on my particular Dell Inspriron Win 7 rebuild, I currently do not even have touchpad drivers loaded and yet the tp is still working when I use it. So I guess I am going to SYSTEM RESTORE POINT, dl the tp driver and see if adjusting senstivity control will help.


    ARRRRRRRGH! This is a perfectly beautiful laptop, except for this pain in the ass feature (P>I>T>A)



  • Both the touchpad and the keyboard are seriously defective on this model. My touchpad won't scroll or respond to any of the settings. The keyboard constantly skips and double spaces, which makes accurate typing impossible. The random document jumping described by a previous poster is pull-out-your-hair annoying. I too thought it had something to do with the touchpad, but it does it even with the touchpad turned off.

    As for touchpad issues, it does no good to reload or delete the driver. The only thing you can do is toggle off the ALPS software every time you reboot and use an off-board USB keyboard and mouse. I use a Logitech wireless keyboard and trackball to bypass these defects, but it's downright disgusting that the purchaser has to do this. A laptop should be self contained. As if that weren't enough, my unit shipped with a bad memory module that kept it from booting right out of the box. Dell did replace chip, but it took a week to get the brand new machine up and running. Obviously, Dell has lost track of quality control.