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How do you change the Desktop Background?


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How do you change the Desktop Background?

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In windows 7 starter edition, I searched everywhere and cant find anything to solve my problem, i go to tech support, and it has it info but on the top it says it doesnt apply to windows 7 starter edition. I went to control panel and go to display settings and there is nothing to personalize my desktop background. Does anybody know how to change the background?

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  • I believe that you can right click on the desktop & then select 'PERSONALIZE' and you will be able to change the background.  Hope this helps.

  • You can go to an image, open it. \

    Right click on it and then click on "use a background" (or something like that)

    I do not really the exact words know because I use the dutch version because I am a dutchman (no, not the flying one)


  • Ive been doing that, and it doesnt even have that as an option