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I have continuous beeping when I turn on my laptop.

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I have continuous beeping when I turn on my laptop. It makes alot of short beeps in a row about 10 seconds apart. Then it starts and says Window Boot Manager setup by choosing my operating system and I tried that but it will go back to the beeping. Somebody please help me.

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  • Usually beeps during startup - before accessing the disk for OS start - is from BIOS trying to signal an error.

    The beep code is the equivalent for the diagnostic code.

    The service manual of the laptop explains what is wrong based on the beep code.


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  • Hello,

    My pc also had continuous beep sounds before start up, and then Windows Boot Manager appeared, let's me choose the OS.

    But i only have 1 OS, Windows 7, when i click the OS, my pc will continue to start  Windows and run normally.

    There are times before that there's ni continuous sound before start up, but lately everytime i open my pc, tthere's always

    continuous beep sounds. 

    One more thing is that sometimes the webpage  automatically scrools down.

    What's the reason of this continuous beep sound and the automatic scroll down of pages?

    Can you help me on this?

    Thanks a lot.