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Upgrade M65 video card


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Upgrade M65 video card

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Hello all,


I'm interested in upgrading my  notebook dell precision M60 with a CUDA supported video card. My question is, if that is technically possible and which models will fit?. The native graphics in M60 was was Nvidia Quadro FX 350M, I'm thinking about replacing it  with FX 770M. 

If anyone could advice me what's possible I will much appreciate it.


Thank you,




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  • That's the only CUDA-capable card made to fit this system - the card is proprietary, so you'll have to look for a used on on EBay or similar - they haven't been produced in several years.


  • Are you talking about FX350M? This is my current card and I think it does not support CUDA - at least according to that chart:


  • I was thinking of the M90 when I wrote that - yours can't take a CUDA-capable card at all.  If you need that feature it's time for a new notebook.