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xp drivers inspiron 1564


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xp drivers inspiron 1564

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Just  wondering if anyone has successfully loaded xp drivers on the any of the new inspions '64s with the i3/i5 processors?  I would like to purchase one, but do not see drivers available on dell's site?



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  • I'm getting ready to do just that ... I can let you know how it goes.  When Dell doesn't provide drivers on the site for a system, you can usually find drivers for the various devices at the manufacturers site (Broadcom, Intel, etc.).

  • Please do keep us posted.  Or is you find anything elsewhere, if you could post links.  I am finding it hard to come by much info to date, as they are quite new.

    If these machines run smooth with windows 7, I would bet they rage on XP.  I do wonder about full support for the multithreading and multicores on XP, though.

  • Just an update ... I ended up returning mine and getting a different model.  I got a bum machine - kept getting BSOD and 60-second screen hangs ... before I ever made any changes to it!  I tried fresh reinstall of 7 with no change, so I know that it wasn't a problem with running XP - it did the same thing with everything I put on it.  Anyway, I got as far as installing XP to the Desktop and installing the Chipset driver before I decided I didn't have time to mess with the locking up.

    So, getting XP on was easy ... just didn't get around to finding/loading all the drivers.

    Good luck.

  • I got a 1764 with the i5 did the same.  I initially had trouble when trying to load xp, was getting the blue screen of death, until a changed the hard drive setting in the bios from AHCI.  After that XP loaded fine, I currently have xp pro x64 loaded.  I tried to download intel 5 series chipset for mobile, but even after loading the OS did not recognize them.  I also loaded the intel HD video drivers, which were not recognized either....  I did not get much more time to mess around with much more.  I may try and load xp pro 32 and see what kind of results I can get.  


    Let me know if anyone is able to get the dell drivers for the volume control and system control (F1 - F12 keys) working.  


    I found some interesting articles comparing xp and windows 7:  My initial thinking is it that is indeed a bloated memory hog, but it does look like it may be worth it memory use in performance.  




    I may entertain the idea of leaving windows 7 with pro or higher, but would like to get xp running to see for myself the pros and cons.

  • i have completed all drivers but .. explorer is hanging only i think its sata drivers problem.. My laptop inspiron 1564 i3

  • i have completed all drivers but .. explorer is hanging only i think its sata drivers problem.. My laptop inspiron 1564 i3


  • Usman Can you please send the Links from where you Downloaded the Drivers for XP........

    I need them for my my Inspiron1564 i3. Thanks in Advance.


  • Thanks for posting the links.  Are you running xp x64?  How does is it running?

  • @fvnktion

    I have just Installed the XP x64 on my inspiron I got yesterday. Now I am going to install the drivers.

    Uptill now I have noticed the performance of XP is low on it. It took me 1 hour for windows installation. The windows startup is also quite slow.

    I will tell you about the results after installing drivers.

  • That is odd ... I didn't get much beyond the install before I had to quit for other reasons, but I don't think it even took 30 minutes to install ... from CD to Desktop.

  • Ahan, yup thats odd but the reason it took so long for me could be that I installed the windows from USB.

  • install windows with achi mode with sata drivers and i installed 32 but i suggest 64 is better 

  • Ata mode will be slow - Achi mode will be FAST......

  • usman940

    Ata mode will be slow - Achi mode will be FAST......


    How did you get going XP on AHCI? When I made fresh installation it got blue screen on my Studio 1745 with XP x64 and then restarting untill set SATA in BIOS.

    No success finding good working order drivers for my Studio 1745 - only Win 7 x64.

    I'm preparing to buy one more Dell. Its not enough 1 laptop for two persons :) Now have to choose Inspiron 1545 - £379.00. It supports Win Xp x32 drivers which can find on Dell's website. System is Celeron Dual Core T3000 1.8Ghz 800fbs 1Mb cash, 320 HDD 5400RPM, 4GB 800 RAM, Video GM45

    or Inspiron 1564 we talk here about - £399.00. i3-330M 2.13Ghz  3Mb cash, 3GB ram 1067ghz, 250 HDD 5400 rpm, Video intel HD.

    Both of them basic configuration though. I would stay for 1564, as it has better performance but wonder if all the drivers work correctly.