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Inspiron Mini 10 not charging


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Inspiron Mini 10 not charging

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I just purchased a new Inspiron Mini 10 running XP Home edition.

In fact, the laptop is barely 8 hours old.


It's been plugged into the power outlet for 8 hours, the power light is flashing between white and amber, but the battery doesn't seem to charge at all. Since I purchased it, the battery shows as 61% charged, the value doesn't change, and when I unplug the power cable, the laptop instantly switches off. This tells me that the laptop is not running off the battery.


Any suggestions? Are battery problems endemic to Dell laptops? What can I do?

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  • Case you can access BIOS setup - check if the battery & adapter are recognized other than "unknown".

    If either one is listed as "unknown" battery is not charged.

    Click on the battery in the system tray - the in the pop-up window click on the battery again.

    It shows the battery manufacturer type and more stuff. Post that here.


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  • Battery Name: DELL K781P998

    Unique ID: 11DynapackDELL K781P998

    Chemistry: LionK781P99

    Power State: On Lline

    Manufacturer: Dynapack

    Laptop Model: Inspiron 1011

    The BIOS does not show me any battery information. Where in the BIOS can I find it?

  • Seems the Mini 10 can communicate with the battery. Battery info also seems original (not refurbished or hacked).

    That leaves either the AC adapter or the charging circuirty on the MOBO.

    If possible try the adapter / battert with another Mini 10 - if it works there, it's probably a MOBO issue.



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  • I have a related problem in mini10. Can you pls guide me how to navigate to charger/battery unknown etc from the BIOS setup screen. I dont know how to go to that screen from the BIOS setup screen.


  • Should be on the main screen or the power screen.