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lost BIOS password


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lost BIOS password

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How can I recover from having lost the password for my BIOS.

Now I cannot make a necessary change because i have lost the admin password for my password

I have a vostro 1400 with BIOS version 09. Running Windows 7

Thanks for giving me a detailed how to reset the BIOS password


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  • The BIOS password on a Laptop can only be recovered by calling Dell Support (and if it's out of warranty it will cost you for the call).  You will also have to be the registered (registered with Dell) owner.  The reason for this is because of the number of laptops that are stolen.

    BTW, there is a separate Laptop section for posting Laptop problems.  This is the Desktop section.

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  • Re: I can access the bios however I can't change any of the values...

  • i know the admin password but the bios won t let me change it.  says it is locked until the "configure setup" field is enabled.  i can't get that field to respond either.   does reflashing the bios solve this ? or reload windows ?

  • You must first use the ADMIN Password to Enable "Configure Setup" and then use the same Admin PW to Disable the Admin PW. The Admin Password will then show "Disabled" and the Configure Setup Line will have disappeared. Do this first or you may not be able to reinstall an OS.