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Dell Latitude D630 Touchpad

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I have a Dell Latitude D630 running Windows 7 that just recently developed touchpad and button issues.  Without any changes in drivers/software, the left touchpad button, left pointer stick button, and the tap feature of the touchpad all stopped working.  The corresponding right buttons work fine as does the mouse movement via touchpad and pointer stick.  Swapping the button assignments (left click to the right button, and vice-versa) shows that the buttons themselves are not being detected.

I have since attempted several reboots, checked to make sure that the mouse options are correctly set to enable these buttons/tap feature correctly, and uninstalled/reinstalled several touchpad driver versions.  The ones provided on the Dell Latitude D630 page were the ones I was originally using, and I have also tried ones directly from Synaptics, Alps, and ones from Dell for one of the Windows 7 Latitude models.  Interestingly, the Alps drivers re-enable the left pointer stick button, but not the tap or left touchpad button, suggesting that this is still a software issue not a hardware issue.  The others make no change in the behavior.  Any help would be appreciated with this issue, thanks.

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  • I also forgot to mention that the problem is not solved in safe mode, suggesting that it's not some background process interfering.

  • I'm having the same issue, the left button for the touchpad pointer stick is not working.  I tried everything including reinstalling driver, rebooting, safemode, etc.  Nothing works  Dell doesn't have answers either it seems.  So is that it, just throw away this hunk of junk?

  • If the left button doesn't work, but the right does, replace the palmrest assembly:

  • ejn63, thanks very much for your response, much appreciated.  Tony