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Dell 5-Button BT (Bluetooth) Travel Mouse in Windows 7


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Dell 5-Button BT (Bluetooth) Travel Mouse in Windows 7

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I post this to assist others - I've already found the "solution" to my problem.

I recently upgraded a 2 year old Dell laptop to Windows 7 Pro. I use a Dell 5-Button BT (Bluetooth) Travel Mouse that came with the laptop. The default mouse/bluetooth drivers in Win7 supported the basic mouse functions. Under Vista, I could easily customize the functions associated with the various Mouse buttons, but not so in Win7. I searched the Dell Support website for an updated mouse driver (unsuccessfully) and then contacted Dell Support. Even though my system is still under warranty, I was told that I'd have to pay an extra fee for the Dell Solution Center Team to provide me with the Dell Mouse driver for Win7! I said, "No thank you," and continued to research my issue.

I discovered that the Dell 5-Button BT Travel Mouse is actually manufactured by Logitech. I went to the Logitech website and found their updated software for Win7. Fortunately, the same software supports most of Logitech's mice -- it is called, "Setpoint 4.80." I downloaded and installed the software. It immediately recognized the Dell BT Travel Mouse, and I am now able to customize the five mouse buttons again.

Logitech offers Setpoint 4.80 versions for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. The 32-bit version may be found at:

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  • I must say Thank you to Dave as I was almost trying to return the Mouse when I happened to google your Post.

    In my Case i was trying to Couple it with a HP Laptop & tried everything from Restart to Bluetooth Software loading, but Nothing Worked.

    Set-point 6.5 Did the magic for me & the Mouse is Cruising.

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  • Hello

    This is awesome. Dell couldn't even give me this much info. The cd does say to go to logitech, but nothing on this mouse matches their website need information to find a match. So, my question is, I need the driver for a 64 bit Windows 7 for this mouse...any idea what drive or if you could tell me how to find the driver I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks so much!!


  • You can get the Logitech SetPoint Driver 4.80 for Win7x64 at:

    Logitech seems to have recently posted an update - SetPoint 6 for Win7x64 - that you may want to try:

    Good luck!

  • Awesome!   This worked like a charm.  You are my new hero. lol


  • Thanks TZDAVE

    Your post was very helpful.    I have the same mouse with a Dell laptop (Windows 7) purchased 6 months ago.
    The Setpoint version that was included with the system was basic  and would not customise the buttons properly.
    I had started to search the Dell site for information, but fortunately Googled your post.
    The info that the mouse is actually a Logitech re-badged was most helpful.
    I have since installed Setpoint 4.80 and every customised mouse function works perfectly.
    Thanks again.

  • My problem got solved in Windows services.  Click on Start - type services - go down to Bluetooth and change startup type from manual to automatic.  Reboot and then go through the bluetooth discovery steps to find your mouse.

  • One more thing.  If you have more than one BT mouse that you put on the pc over time, then you may have to go to your control panel/mouse and take a look at things.  There will be a bluetooth tab for them, and that window will tell you if you are connected or not.  If not, then just go through the steps after clicking on connect button.

  • You should have had Setpoint installed with any Dell Bluetooth mice. Dell don't make mice but Logitech does. Could you have a Logitech mouse with the Dell name on it? Make sure you go to FileHippo or their website to get the latest version of Setpoint.

  • I have seen a number of posts regarding Logitech for the Dell Travelmouse.  None of those things worked for me, but maybe it was because I was stuck behind the manual services setting for the Bluetooth all along.  I will play around with that now.  But I think the root problem at least for me was the services applet.

  • Now that i have bluetooth services set on automatic, the setpoint 4.8 software works and mouse adjustments can be made.  Thanks.  Dowloaded from Softpedia.

  • New to the Dell Community I want to say Hello and also comment on the Dell/Logitec BT Mouse. I have a Dell Precision M6500 running Win 7 Ultimate 32bit also with a Dell BT travel mouse(PU705), when I boot my laptop in the morning the mouse is automatically recognized and there are no issues. Usually three to four hours later the laptop stops communicating with the mouse. I have to use my laptop stick or pad to remove the mouse and REBOOT! I have SetPoint Control Center version 4.80.91, Driver version 4.80.169. This version seems to work the best with the BT mouse; however with the touchpad the cursor does respond to the touchpad, the cursor jumps, strays and the overall functionality does not work at least for me. I do like the scrolling and zoom options with the touch pad in which for now I have to deal without. Hope this wasn't too long. In the mean time I will look for solutions to resolve my issues and await helpful responses.

  • I have tried to download this but it says it is not campatable what do i do?

  • I have a 32 bit computer and the links didnt work. any suggestions?

    My basic problem is that the bluetooth doesnt seem to be picking up my mouse (well its showing up as device is working properly) an is not actually working.

  • I am using Windows 8.1 64bit OS and Dell BT Travel Mouse, I had been to the link and selected Mice. In next page I see "Setpoint" under "Software for Mice" As soon as I click on "Setpoint" the website is recognized that I am using Windows 8 and provided supported version of drivers. Finally I clicked on "Download Software" button. Everything went well then after. 

    I hope this will help you as well.

  • No, it did not help me!

    This is very anoying if I buy Dell stuff and there are no solution for the issue for 5 years.

  • I must say Thank you to Dave as I was almost trying to return the Mouse when I happened to google your Post.

    In my Case i was trying to Couple it with a HP Laptop & tried everything from Restart to Bluetooth Software loading, but Nothing Worked.

    Set-point 6.5 Did the magic for me & the Mouse is Cruising.