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Dell inspiron 1545 - Keyboard problems


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Dell inspiron 1545 - Keyboard problems

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I own an inspiron 1545 which works properly for the most part, except for a small, but annoying problem. Sometimes, when I type, instead of characters or numbers appearing on the screen, the computer would perform random tasks like try to open a file when I press O (and I am not holding down the Ctrl key), save my work when I press S (again, no Ctrl key), and change my typing language. It used to run on Vista, and was recently upgraded to 7, but the problem persists.

For example, typing the word 'frustration' would sometimes lead to this:

frustrati (Open dialogue box appears)

It's especially annoying when it changes the typing language mid-sentence.

Solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Fzztr,

    it seems that it is a driver Problem (problay the Intel Bridge Driver)! I downloaded and installed all main Drivers from the Dell Support Site and now it apears to be in order!



  • I have a related problem. When I type a word part of it goes back to previous words I typed.  Can you help?

  • Hi martuf,

    Updating the Touchpad driver should fix the issue. The following link will help you in downloading the latest 'Touchpad driver':

    Select the model of the system you are using and download the 'Touchpad' driver from 'Input section'.

    I hope this helps.

    Please let me know in case of any queries.

    Thanks and regards
    Harish R

    Thanks and Regards,
    Harish R
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  • tried to follow your link - could not find the correct driver.  Your link sends to a general page.  Could not find a way to zero in on the correct driver for my inspiron 1150 laptop - which I was ready to throw away until I found that others are having the same problem.

    Could you please direct to a specific driver?

    thanks so much

  • Hi loosieB,

    You may download the touchpad driver for Inspirion 1150 from the link: 

    This driver is available for Windows XP. In case you are using any newer operating system than XP, you may install the driver in compatibility mode. 

    Download the driver -- > Right Click the applications installation file and select Properties/Compatibility Tab -- > Select Windows XP -- > Click Apply/OK -- > Right Click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install.


    Please reply for further clarifications. 

    Thanks and regards,
    DELL-Chinmay S
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  • my laptop is only a year old - why would I download a driver from 2004?

  • Hi loosieB,

    Are you referring to Inspiron 1150 as mentioned in previous post? If not please share the exact system model. 

    Alternatively, you may also follow the steps below:

    • Click on the below link:
    • Enter the Service Tag of your system and select the operating system.
    • Go to “Input” and click on the touchpad driver available.
    • Click on “Download File”.
    • Select “For Single File Download via Browser”.
    • Click on “Download Now”.
    • Save the driver on your desktop.
    • Once the driver is downloaded on the desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
    • Follow the prompts on screen and restart your computer.

    Please share the findings. 

    Thanks and regards,
    DELL-Chinmay S
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