I have / am using a Latitude D630 and a new E4300 laptop with the following symptoms:

  • I have found that when the D630 is docked, it will occaisionally during normal operation, emit a series of three beeps in short succession.  
  • The same occurs with the E4300 (though it is not docked).  
  • In both cases, they are plugged into power and with external monitors connected.
  • The laptops are typically running Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office (i.e. "light" office usage, not gaming or something processor-intensive) when this occurs.
  • The laptops are running Windows XP SP3.
  • The beeps will be piped through the speakers / earphone jack; otherwise, if the Windows sound mixer is muted, then the beeps seem to just emanate from the laptops themselves or the docking station - really odd.
  • This behaviour does NOT occur during start-up / boot.
  • I have not noticed any of them emit beeps when they are running on battery power...perhaps that is yet to occur.
  • They may beep at random times - sometimes 10 minutes or so apart, at other times, a whole week may pass by without any beeping.
  • The behaviour impacts my usage most when this occurs during a customer presentation.
  • It has been going on for about a year with the D630 and in the past month with the E4300 (only because I acquired it recently).

Has anyone encountered something like this with their laptops?  The laptops continue to operate seemingly well.   My concern was more about something wrong internally that I should know about from a preventative maintenance standpoint.

I have indeed tried to look up the forums and perhaps this may be most similar to the following forum posts (both of which did not receive replies):

Thanks in advance,