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Dell Latitude D600 USB ports not working


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Dell Latitude D600 USB ports not working

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Two days ago the two USB ports in the back of my laptop were working fine.  I had an external USB hub plugged (that powers my external hard drive) and a wired mouse plugged into the second port.  I left the house for a couple hours and when I came back the mouse was no longer working and I could not access my external hard drive.

When I plug the mouse in to the USB port, it lights up (the red optics on the bottom), but does not work.  The same goes for the external USB hub.  When I plug it in, it's indicator light of being plugged in comes on, the external hard drive will start up, but then nothing happens.

I've all tried another mouse I have with no luck as well as a flashdrive that works on other computers.

I've gone through the device manager and everything seems to be in working order.  It said all devices were working properly and had no yellow question marks/exclamations.  I've uninstalled the USB drivers, reinstalled, and updated them and that hasn't solved the problem.  The device manager doesn't even recognize that the mouse or USB hub is plugged in.

I ran diagnostics on the ports this morning, but every test was passed.

I'm at a loss of what else I can try to do to fix this problem and would welcome any help.  Thanks.

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  • It seems to be an issue with the USB subsystem - the host controller and root hub devices that you'd find in the last second of the device manager - although I'm not sure where you'd even get drivers for those. You could try flat out removing them, restarting the computer, and hope that it finds them again. I don't see how you could be any worse off than now since they already don't work, but I really don't know if that would even really help. It would be using the exact same drivers that were already present on the system.

  • my usb pot is not working , and I am trying to buy a new one for  my Dell laptop  which is aDell lattitude D600

  • You can't replace the USB ports other than by using a PCMCIA card -- if the ports are bad, you need to replace the system board.

  • Remove the us b chip on the motherboard it will work after replacing it

  • Do you know what the IC number is?