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Touchpad tap isn't being responsive...


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Touchpad tap isn't being responsive...

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Hi everyone I'm new into this forum. I don't usually bother with little issues like mine, but this time this is driving me nuts!. I've been trying to search and research over the internet for the past 7 days and I haven't had good luck. And since my warranty period has expired you guys are my last chance Sad.

See, the problem is related with my Inspiron 1501's touchpad tap function, The laptop originally came with Windows Vista Starter and with 512mb of RAM, But 2 months ago I upgraded the RAM to 2GB in order to fully support and take advantage of Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.

Since then my touchpad's scroll function stopped working, but I didn't take too much attention until last week. So I thought I'd be some driver related issue and I went to the Dell's drivers download section and couldn't find any drivers for my touchpad using Windows 7 OS so I installed the Vista driver as Dell Support page told me to.

The problem is that the scrolling issue got resolved but, now the tapping function isn't working quite well, single/double-clicking is a pain, it's barely responsive and I've got to tap to click a few times to get it to work.. Yesterday surfing this same forum looking for answers I found a similar issue and it was resolved by installing Windows 7 drivers directly from the manufacturer's website (in this case Synaptics) So I did the same but the issue still persists Tongue Tied

I hope you guys help me out fixing this, thanks in advance and sorry for the bothering Stick out tongue cheers!


Fernando R.

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  • Installed the driver again from the manufacturer's website and it worked this time, thanks  n_n mods can close and flag this thread as "solved" bye! Wink