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Dell Factory Image Restore error, how else do I wipe my hard drive?

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I know my hard drive is wrecked.  I ran some kind of diagnostic thing on start up and it said I had no hard drive.  My computer, for one, has flickering screen issues on top of the fact that it just won't turn on, and if by chance I get Windows Vista to start up it freezes right away.  I can move my mouse but it won't let me click anything.  I figured, I don't have too much important stuff on my computer other than videos, Photoshop, and music (all stuff I can get back by re-downloading) so I was planning on wiping my hard drive.  My dad is going to keep the computer when I get a new one and he'll send it to dell to get it fixed (there is plenty of stuff wrong with it..) but I wanted to wipe the hard drive anyways. 

So I do the whole F8, Dell Factory Image Restore, and every so often it freezes, but gets 1/4 of the way through and up pops "error message" and just an OK button.  No message, no explanation.  When I try to click on Dell Factory Image Restore again it says "The tool failed to run.  Try choosing another tool." It wont let me choose another tool even if I wanted to.  I've tried this 3 times to no avail.  Is there any way to wipe my hard drive otherwise?

Seems a bit scattered brained, I know, but I'm already a bit frustrated as this has been a problem for 2 weeks, not being able to turn on my computer.


Computer: Dell Inspiron 1545, Windows Vista

(I wasn't sure where to put this post, and since my computer is a laptop and this is a hardware problem I figured this would be the best spot, if not let me know where to move it to.)

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