Unable to Access BIOS in Dell Studio 1555


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Unable to Access BIOS in Dell Studio 1555

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hi I recently bought a Dell Studio 1555. I am unable to access the BIOS menu. During, boot up when the Dell logo appears, I try pressing the F12& F2 keys, it does not lead anywhere except that the screen is freezed. And upon pressing enter the operating system (win7-64 bit) boots. I upgraded the BIOS to A08 but it is of no use.

Any Ideas or suggestions why it is behaving that way ?

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  • Press F2 a couple of times immediately after powering the system on.


  • Try that without using the Fn-key!

    Before the OS is running the F-keys work like the F-keys of a standard keyboard.

    What I found out today:

    F2 -> boot setup

    F12 - > boot options

    Fn+F2 -> no reaction

    Fn+F12 -> freeze (continued starting the OS with any key)

    I know, the topic is old, but I would have been glad, if I had found this information some hours ago.