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XPS M1530 black screen.


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XPS M1530 black screen.

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Ok, i have a problem.. a big one, which seems to have no solution.. one fine day i did chage thermal paste to my laptop, then the screen went black, and thats the end of the story.

I can use an external LCD and everything works fine,  i formated windows, and the problem is still there. Then i sent my laotop to the technical service ( becauses my dell warranty expired already) and they told me my LCD was death. Well i bought a new lcd to my laptop, change the old one, and the problem still there. I tested the flex clable and it works fine...

It is a motherboard problem? or a gpu problem?


By the way the bios says about the display it is a unknow device with native resolution 0 by 0

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  • Did you replace the inverter with the screen?  Is the replacement known to have shipped with your model of system if it's not identical to the original?


  • Hi, i havent replaced the inverter, but i don't think is an inverter issue, becauses i can't see nothing on the screen, besideds windows, or even the bios doesn't recognizes my internal screen, only the external one.

    And the replacement  should have to work, becauses is almost the same moldel , the original was a

    LTN154X3-L0D (Samsung)

    and the new one is:


    LTN154X3-L03 (Samsung)

    Do you think the motherboard is the problem?

  • Because the external monitor works, the video circuity is OK. It's got to be either the cable to the LCD or the inverter. Hard to believe the inverter died during repair, unless the laptop was on during the procedure. I'd check the connections again. Make sure the plugs are not reversed or are not lined up correctly. Check to see if something may be shorting the lcd connection.

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  • It could still be a bad mainboard - if after doing this, the screen still  doesn't work, that'd be next on the list.


  • Well i dont know, i checked the LCD cable with my multitester, measuring continuity ( i mean 0 Volts)  and checked every pine of flex cable, and seems to be ok.

    About the inverter.. i dont know how to test it, but i read somewhere over there, that the inverter only affects the backlight... no the entire LCD funcionality.


    I let you guys a picture of the old LCD so you can see what it seems to be a burned chip... look at the inferior right corner... the broken pines of the chip


  • Ok, you were right, i bought a new one on eBay, a new motherboard, and now the laptop's screen works fine, except it seems the old inverter is not the right one on the "new" lcd panel i bought that time.... but i will test soon the old lcd panel (the one which comes the laptop from dell) ..

    And so .. i am really happy to finally fix this thing =D

  • I've the same issue.  I have 2 of the same laptop. One has this issue other is working like a charm.

    1.5 yrs old XPS 1530 Vista. External display is fine. But laptop screen is not working.  It works sometimes.  I would say once in two weeks it works.  Today it turned PINKish. Yeah... weired.  I remember I have this colors in old CRT monitors. 


    Anyhow, I appreciate that fact you tried all posibility and changed the mother board to have this problem resolved.  Would you mind sharing what brand you bought it via Ebay and how much was it?  Were you able to change the mother board by yourself?  Is there a tutorial video or document out there?


    Thanks in advance.



  • hi:

    may i ask how your LCD screen start to fail?? becauses thats importan due you laptop's screen works sometimes, maybe the motherboard isn't your problem. In my case the LCD went blak and never turn on again. Not even once.

    So check if the internal LCD is recognized by the system, that you can check it in the bios... in my case the bios said... Not installed , and resolution 0 by 0.

    Then i tested the flex cable. With my voltage tester. And then concluded that there was no video sign coming from motherboard. Then i decided to get the new motherboard. You should do the same thing, becauses your problem could be simply the LCD flex cable so check it with some tester.

    Anyway i will give you the link from the guy i bought the motherboard in eBay:




    The sale has ended but you can find the same motherboard around there, here some examples:





    Anyway you just search in eBay "xps m1530 motherboard" and you will se a big list of sales. But you should be carefull becauses some of them comes with the 8600M GT and other with the 8400M GS, so ask before buy.


    And, yes, there is an excellent XPS M1530 Service Manual from Dell. Is great you just need that manual and the right tools, and you will see there is no need to find someone to do, you can do that by yourself.


    here is the link:


    I hope you fix your laptop!