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Broadcom USH Driver?


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Broadcom USH Driver?

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I have several Dell 6400's (both Latitude and Precision) that have a driver problem with the Broadcom USH device.  The OS is Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit.  Any help would be appreciated.

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  • While John has hopefully found the answer by now, I'm posting this solution that worked for me to help others who are out there hunting!


    ---While the file description says it's for xp 32 or 64, it worked with Windows 7 64-bit

    run custom install

    uncheck all devices except Broadcom Unified Security Hub

    restart computer when prompted

    note that the desktop doesn't appear until after the install completes it's post-rebot configuration - don't panic

    Broadcom USH moves to a new device category called Credential Vault Device

    Microsoft update will upgrade driver if/when available

  • You will find the Broadcom USH driver in the security list for the E6420

  • i tried the link you supplied but got a message that that page could not be provided any longer.

    I am trying to decide if I really need or use the Broadcom USH driver, or will need it.

    I found some info on the web site that it is included in the Control Point Device Driver Package, but, I do not know that I really ought to install that whole package if I do not use a security card system to access my machine or my network.

    Can you give me any suggestions as to how I might know what I need and how much to download and install.


    Broadcom USH

    Broadcom BCM5752/BCM5755 and BCM 5880 TPM
    - BCM5752 NIC/TPM with A1/A2 silicon versions
    - BCM5755 NIC/TPM with A0/A1 silicon versions
    - BCM5880 USH with A0/B0/C0 silicon

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  • Thanks SpeedStep that solution did work for me