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inspiron 1525 won't charge battery


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inspiron 1525 won't charge battery

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I've got an inspiron 1525 that won't charge the battery when the A/C adapter is plugged in. Changed batteries and chargers, problem still exists. Tried our battery and charger on another inspiron, and they work. Sometime a error message that it does not recognize the adapter appears.  ANY IDEAS?

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  • While the laptop is plugged in and running, remove and reinstall the battery. This works sometime.

    Install the latest BIOS. This also works sometimes.

    Possibility that the DC socket on the system board has bad solder connections. This happens a lot. Some laptops need a complete system board replacement (very expensive unless under warranty). Some have a replaceable power board, which is much less costly. It is possible to resolder the socket or replace it, but this is not easy.


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