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Dell Studio XPS 16 turns itself on and off at random


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Dell Studio XPS 16 turns itself on and off at random

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Hey, I recently bought one of the Studio XPS 16 laptops and I was wondering if anyone else has been having the same issue where it will suddenly turn itself on for no reason and without me touching it?

Like this morning I was in my room, I just back from the shower and I was getting changed when my laptop suddenly turned itself on without me touching it, and a few nights ago I woke up to find the white light on its side flashing -meaning at some point in the night it would have turned on and then after 30minutes of being unused it would have gone on to "sleep" mode. 

The other issue is that when I turn it back on from Hibernate, if I don't type my password fast enough or the facial recognition software doesn't recognize me within 20 seconds or so it will put itself on "Sleep" mode. It doesn't always do this, but its kind of annoying. Other than that the laptop is amazing and I love it. 

Has anyone else had this issue? And would it be a Windows 7 problem or Dell's fault?




I have phoned Dell Customer Support, which used that thing which allows them to take control of your computer and they showed me how to solve the issues. If you have Windows 7 follow these steps:


1. Left Click on the power icon at the bottom right of your start bar 

2. Click on "More Power Options" (or just search for "power options" on your start bar)

3. Click on "Change plan settings" on either Balanced or Power Saver (depending on which one you use)

4. Click on "Change advanced power settings"

5. Once your Power options panel opens, scroll down and select  "Sleep"

6. Click on "Allow Wake Timers" and then click on "Enable" and scroll down to select it as "Disable"

7. and now you're done!

I will update this post again if it turns out that this is not the solution and my laptop continues to switch itself on without me telling it to.



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  • I am having the exact problem with my dell studio xps 16 turning on randomly usually early in the morning. It will come out of hibernation mode and sleep mode. Dell support hasn't been helpful. We updated different drivers and I also turned off any scheduling of automatic updates. I would really like to find a solution because sommetimes I leave my computer in my computer bag in hibernation mode and when I get it in the morning the battery is completely drained and the computer is warm.


    Is this a hardware problem...Computers shouldn't be able to turn themselves on if they are in hibernate state?

  • I'm having exact problem. I have password lock on my account so when it turns on, it asks me to sign in. I don't understand what the problem is. Please someone help us.

  • Mine does the same. I have A Dell Studio 15 and I like to leave mine in hibernate but it turns on spontaneously when left in this mode. It is usually in my bag when this happens and I am very worried of it causing harm to my laptop from overheating. It goes into sleep mode after 15 minutes.

    Do you think this would have caused any harm to my laptop?

    I would also love a solution to this as I am now always forced to shut down my laptop which is sometimes an inconvenience.

  • I've found mine is starting to do it more often now too, usually it turn itself on once during the day and then again during the night -which usually wakes me up as its not exactly the quietest laptop around. I haven't contacted Dell to complain about it, but if you have are you able to let us know what they told you? I will probably contact them this weekend to report the issue. Seeing as this is a hardware issue, we should all be covered by Dell's warranty. 

  • I just disabled both the wake timers like you wrote about in Edit: Solution. I will see if that works. Is it not working for you?

  • iamtree

    I just disabled both the wake timers like you wrote about in Edit: Solution. I will see if that works. Is it not working for you?

    Well the guy at Customer Support said that Dell were unaware of the issue, but that he thought this might be what was causing the problem. I only contacted them today, so I'm not going to get my hopes up as I haven't really given it a chance to do it again. I have had the laptop on hibernate today, and it didn't turn itself on, but then again it wouldn't do it all the time anyway. It's worth you trying it out anyway, and if it turns out that this hasn't fixed the problem, I'll contact Dell again and post whatever they say on here :)

  • I believe Edit: solution is the solution to our problems, it is sensible, I disabled the auto-wake timer at 9:00 am today and I logged in at 3:30 and it hadn't turned back on at all. If I ever find that it turns back on again while auto-wake up timers are disabled, I'll make another post saying so.

  • Has anyone tried the solution yet? I'm reluctant to leave mine in hibernate now. I'm worried that my laptop turning on in my bag would have damaged it in some way? Do you think this is possible? Someone ease my mind please?!

  • AwesomeD, I have tried the edit: solution of turning off the auto-timers. And it works for me :) hadn't have had a problem with hibernate or standby/sleep. I am content after trying that solution. It works. :D

  • Hi,
    guys, I had the same problem with my studio xsp 1340, it even turned on from shutdown status. The technical support couldn't fix it; but they replace it for me. but the scary thing is after two weeks using the new laptop I woke up two times this week and my laptop was ON again. now I did the posted solution and I will wait to see the result.    

  • I have a new XPS 1340 that is doing this in the shut down mode. I just tried your suggestion of disabling the allow wake timers.  If it works, you are my hero!  Thanks!

  • Unfortunately, this did not work for me!  If there are any other solutions or ideas floating around, I would love to hear them.

  • The edit: solution about disabling the wake up timers is the solution to this problem, I know this cause I performed the solution back in Dec 09 and I haven't had any problem with it whatsoever. 

    My guess is that you did change the setting disabling the timers but only for a certain power plan that you are not using.

    when you access the control panel go to power options, there should be only one plan with the radio button highlighted, then to the right of that button you can CHANGE PLAN SETTINGS. Then choose Change Advance Power Settings. 

    then expand the sleep, then the allow wake timers, and disable the wake timers for both on battery and while plugged in. 

    I think the reason your having the problem still is because you are not using the power plan that you altered and instead using a power plan that comes standard with the computer. I suggest you Create a power plan so that it is not overwritten by other programs.

    If it still doesn't work, please reply. 

    A question, you might want to ask yourself is, what programs have you installed lately that changes the power settings? (i.e. dvd player programs, new video cards/software)

  • I think you're right - I had failed to change the settings for all of the power plans that were programmed.  I went ahead and did it, and hopefully I won't be woken up tonight!  I appreciate your helpful comments.