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Dell Inspiron 1545 AC Adapter Problem


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Dell Inspiron 1545 AC Adapter Problem

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Okay, so i have had my inspiron 1545 for 4 months now, and have had a problem where the "Battery is plugged in, not charging", I have read from a lot of places that, my adapter has probably gone bad, and can buy a new one at the Dell store. Only... When i go to my local library, my battery charges. Which is really weird. I have computers and game consoles and TV's plugged in at my house, and they all work fine. But my laptop wont charge. Is it just an odd coincidence? Or should i look into buying a new Dell Adapter?

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  • Don't waste your time on replacing the adapter. Dell laptops have a problem with their motherboards. The chip which recognizes the adapter dies and the adapter will be refused to be recognized by the unit, causing charging to stop. Once in a blue moon, it will allow a charge, but what good is that? Dell refuses to acknowledge this problem so I am not buying anymore Dell products until they offer a recall and replace the defective motherboards for free, whether under warranty or not.
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  • If you have a 4 month old computer you should contact Dell for a replacement part, not buy anything yourself. It's still under warranty. It could be the adapter, the battery or the port on the motherboard. Edit: Try a different outlet in case it's a problem with the electrical outlet in your house.

  • Sad how about mine? i had my laptop for like 7 months then i had some problems for my adapter i wont work sometimes the blue light wont turn on . but now i wont work ever. i went to a dell store for the warranty to repair my charger, they told me that the warranty does not go with the charger only for the laptop. pls help is that true? how can i get to repair my charger or replace it for free. :( its inspiron 1545. if not how much for a new charger Crying pls help

  • Sorry to here that your charger is also messed up. Dell told me the same thing, that it wasn't covered under warranty, and it seems that their chargers for the Inspiron 1545 are not very well made. I've gone through forum after forum of people complaining about the chargers quiting after 4-10 months of use. I ended up switching to one of my old laptop adapters, I think an Inspiron 1150 adapter that works great, and has been for a few years now. You will probably have to look into a new adapter, and if you do, i would not suggest the manufacturer because their adapters are outrageously expensive. Just google adapters for your laptop, and any adapter with either a circle or hex input should work above 65w. Hope you figure out this mess. Sorry once again to here that your adapter doesn't work anymore. I personally think that they have shipped their adapters out with bad capacitors in them. Not so much bad as they are generic. Or something along those lines. Haha. Hope this helps :]

  • Yup, my charger is starting to fail, too.  I'm ordering a replacement now... in the scheme of things, not that expensive.

    Wishing I had sprung for a Mac.  I've only had my Inspiron 1545 for 8 months.  At least from this forum I know lots of people are having this problem, so I don't have to waste my time on hold only to be told it's not covered!

  • Are you 100% certain that the cirlce input will fit the hex shaped one?

  • joker3deedee

    Are you 100% certain that the cirlce input will fit the hex shaped one?


    Well, I didn't know that it would be circular, but it does work just fine.  It's a generic one that I got from (which can be risky, apparently ... but there are also AC adapters available on  All told, with shipping, it cost around $30).  There's no way I'd order a replacement from Dell, since theirs only lasted 8 months!


  • I replaced my 65 watt charger that came with my Inspiron 1750 laptop, which has a hex shaped plug in, with a Dell 90 watt charger, which has a round shaped plug in, and it fits just fine.

  • i have the same problem too.. i buy my dell inspiron about 5 moths ago and the charger doesn't not work anymore..  first the led blinks and later shut off.. i duh' what to do... i need my laptop 

  • If you purchased the system 5 months ago then you are most likely still under a service contract and you should contact Dell Tech Support immediately to report the problem.   Depending on where you are located you can either call, email, or use online chat.   You can find contact information for your country / region on


  • I'm very disappointed in Dell.  2 months out of warranty and the AC adaptor falis on my 1545.  There's clearly a problem with the build but they still refused to replace it.  Total rip.  I'll think twice about buying Dell again.

  • If that  is your criterion for purchase, you won't buy another notebook from anyone - no one covers failures out of warranty.  And there are other brands much more likely to fail, out of warranty - so buy carefully.


  • I bought a Dell Inspiron 1545 in April of 2009. I have gone through 3 AC power cords so far. Dell did send me  a free one the first time it went out because my computer was still under warranty. I thought I was the only one experiencing this problem and that I just had a "dud" until I found this forum. Yes, there are other brands out there that could fail after the warranty period; however, most of the people posting state the problem occurred while their computer was still under warranty. With so many people voicing the same complaint, I find it hard to believe that a company like Dell, refuses to address the issue. I was so unhappy with the 1545 that I ended up giving it to my daugter to use and bought another well known brand. I have had it for over a year and have experienced no problems whatsoever with it. I eventually will have to buy my daughter another computer because I am getting tired of having to replace the cord every few months. I do not buy the replacement cord from Dell because they are too expensive; however it still adds up over time. My recent experience with Dell has left such a bad taste in my mouth, I can't see myself ever doing business with them again.

  • Does your adapter show a green light when plugged into the wall but goes out and starts to click when connected to the laptop? That is what mine is now doing.

  • Okay first of all i have to say is get off your butt and do something about this growing problems. Dell isnt doing anything about this AC Power Adapter problem and it is ticking a lot of people off and you know it too. I dont care if it is a problem in your department or whoevers but you better tell your boss or someone to start fixing this problem and fast or you guys are going to lose a ton of business from thousands of loyal customers cause Dell wants to make a couple extra bucks off the people who will buy the replacement. What about all the people who dont have money to actually buy another one? What about all the people who  didnt get this problem till just a little after there warranty was up? hmm i wonder if you guys have the balls to man up and fix this problem before you guys are dropped like a rock into a river.

  • If the blue light is not going on on your ac adapter try replugging everything (while also making sure your power bar and outlet are good)-- if that doesn't work, shake gently.  This is just an interim solution so that your battery does not get dead.  You don't want to leave a battery laying around without a charge--they tend to sulfate and lose the ability to hold a charge. Then buy an after market adapter online somewhere, quick and preferably as locally as possible for quick shipping.  They cost from about $10 bucks to $30 for an aftermarket.  

    It says on the back of the laptop near the battery what  voltage and amps you need.  You also need the right size plug, i.e., Inspiron 1545 in this case


    My adapter failed when my laptop was just 15 months old.  Its too bad these adapters are lousy. I love the hex plug. I think it puts less stress on the plug solder on the board in the computer but I figure the reg round job will work fine.