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Ctrl - Alt - Delete not working on Latitude E6500


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Ctrl - Alt - Delete not working on Latitude E6500

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Have new Dell Latitude E6500.  The Control-Alt-Delete function does not work (running Vista Ultimate 64 bit) together no matter what.  If I plug an external keyboard in, the combition works fine to login, lock computer, etc.  The keys themselves, by themselves work just fine.  Delete works fine.  A Control Esc works to bring start menu up.  Alt will work with key combitions for shortcuts. 

I have read some other posts that talk about a similar thing ....

I ran the diagnostics and all keys are fine.  And the whole c-a-d is a Windows thing anyway and it is a fresh default load of Vista.  Again external keyboard is fine.

TIA if anyone can throw me a bone before I have to call the dreaded Dell support in the Western world only to get a run around or want to replace the keyboard - grrr.


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  • Make sure you are not using the Delete key on the number keypad with Numlock on.

  • On this laptop delete isnt part of the "function number pad" (not sure sure uses that anyways on laptops). 

    This is really bizzare.

  • control-alt-delete does not work and dell tech support says it is a software issue ?!?   This is a fresh load of Windows and an external keyboard works !

  • Dell sending a new keyboard ... I will report back.  When one learns ... we all learn  Smile

  • new keyboard works - both ALT keys