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DELL inspiron 6400 touchpad mouse left click problem


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DELL inspiron 6400 touchpad mouse left click problem

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Hi guys,

I have inspiron 6400 laptop since two year. last month my left mouse click on laptop is not working.

I check all settings in control panel and did following step without any luck.

1. reinstall mouse driver.

2. change registry. and os detect itself.

3. clean all dust surround touchpad no luck.

use usb mouse and attached to laptop and works fine but I have to carry everywhere.

Is there any suggestion? really appreciate



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  • Is there an audible click when the button is pressed? If not, the key is worn and the palmrest will need to be replaced. If you post the correct model number (there is no Inspiron 6600) someone can point you to the part and the service manual.

  • Hi ejn63,

    thanks for reading my problem. here is answer.

    1. Yes( I can here that and it works like normal click but nothing happen)  2. I have inspiron 6400. (typo mistake.. sorry for that)




  • Last thing to try is running in safe mode (f8 before WIndows loads).  If it works there, it's a driver problem.  If not, it's hardware and you'll need this part:

  • Hi, I have a similar problem with a Dell 6400 (Inspiron).  My left mouse click works sometimes.  Other times, I have to click real hard to make it work.  I tried reversing the buttons in the touch pad properties and the right click works fine.  Its hard to get used to and I will still need the other button click at times.  Any suggestions