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Inspiron 1525 - Time of day clock stopped

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I know a lot of people have posted about this problem. Start up fails during DELL screen and screen displays TIME OF DAY CLOCK STOPPED.

Has anyone come up with a viable solution to this problem? I have read all about why, faulty wiring on motherboard causes batteries to drain quickly, and that I need to replace the CR2032 CMOS Coin Cell Battery. I've also read that this fix only lasts from 2 weeks to 2 months before complete failure occurs and I'll need a new motherboard.

Is there a more permanent solution to this issue that so many are having?

Please let me know if you need more info on this problem or if you have found a solution that works.

I love DELL's, but if there is nothing I can do, this may be my last.


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  • Yours is the first post I have seen on this issue. IF you are still under warranty you should be in contact with Dell support. In the mean time you should get a new battery and see if that does solve the issue for the time being.

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  • Interesting enj63.. wonder why Dell is not acknowledging this?

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  • Probably for the same reason HP isn't acknowledging a problem with its DV6000 series systems that leads to mainboard failures just out of warranty - no one can afford to offer gratis repairs on notebooks with the razor-thin profit margins that exist these days.

  • So the only solution is to contact this company? Do they offer any more information on the subject of their repairs? The page the link took me to seemed a little vague.


    This was all the information I saw there.

  • You can call or email for a price on the repair.  Since the other option is a mainboard (about $250 + labor to install), compare the cost of a repair with the cost of the board replacement.


  • I would have hoped for better than that?  I've got a Inspiron 1520 which has had battery problems for months.  It only works when the cable is attached, but putting a new battery in from another laptop doesn't solve the problem so can't be battery... and now the bloody DAY TIME clock has stopped too so the PC is just useless.  There are so many mother hood solutions out there because DELL are clearly not fessing up to the problems with this laptop. 

    The INspiron 1520 clearly has battery and clock problems which DELL are doing nothing to help customers with.

    Does anyone know what might solve the non-charging main battery problems other than tapping the Inspiron logo -- which seems to be the most sensible suggestion in the chatrooms!  HELP!!!!

    And then I can see at least five people who have daytime clock stopped problems in one chatroom alone so can anyone suggest what can be done about this.  The laptop is about 18 months old and has been a pain with the main battery but now it just launches the initial DELL boot up page and then shifts to "Day Time Clock Stopped" before the full boot sequence commences.

    It has all my correspondence and family photos on it but seems impossible to get beyond this (almost) blue screen!

    Not a good advert for DELL.

    HELP Please!!!!!!!

  • I have the same issue with my inspiron 1525.  I purchased in Jan of 2009 and 6 months ago the time of day clock stopped appeared and I could do nothing with it.  Of course my warranty is up and any time I contacted Dell I was just offered to pay for any support.  If this is indeed an issue I would hope they would be offering better assistanceSad

  • It is unreasonable to hope for free assistance post-warranty.  If your washer breaks down after the warranty ends, you call and pay for a service technician to visit.  If your car breaks down, you pay the mechanic for diagnosis and/or repair.

    You have two options:  have the mainboard repaired (about $100) or replaced ($300-350). is one good repair shop.


  • If I was totally stupid my main complaint would probably be that you cant get free help after warranty is up HOWEVER that is not where I was going.  My concern was if this (and from what I have seen this is all over as being an issue) is something that is widespread.. and known by Dell why they would not offer possibly a recall of the motherboards etc.  I am not saying that purchasing a longer warranty was not my own fault.. however I would have expected it to hold up a little longer especially with light use.  No children ever touched it.. it was not moved around or toted back and forth anywhere.  I have a Dell Dimension 4400 desktop that is almost 10 years old and have never had a bit of trouble with it.  The laptop was purchased strictly for work purposes only.  I appreciate the information as to cost and the name of the repair shop however I am not a five year old and could have done without the washer scenario thank you....

  • Considering that Dell ships over a million computers a year, a failure rate of 10% (notebooks of ALL types fail at between 20-30% over three years)  would put the number of failures at more than 100,000.  So "widespread" is relative - it's certainly not backed up by statistics, and it certainly looks worse when you've seen the failure in your own computer.  Facts are, notebooks fail - at a higher rate than just about any other consumer product - which is why prudent buyers never purchase without a 3-year warranty.

    Desktops are in general more reliable than notebooks, and cheaper and easier to repair when they do fail.

    Recalls are made for safety issues - not other problems. The biggest issue now is that consumers have forced the price of notebooks so low that a vendor is lucky to make $50-75 on a sale - meaning you won't get much in the way of post-warranty gratis service and repair.  nVidia just settled a case that IS well known and statistically documented - for $2 million.  That has to cover hundreds of millions of chips -- meaning that owners will get essentially nothing.

    It may not be fair, but those are the rules consumers have imposed on computer companies - they want the lowest possible cost - at all costs.


  • Ahhh yes "prudent" buyers.  Smile  That might  just be my downfall.  Sadly enough I am sure there are alot of others just like me.  No offense or anything.. but.. some of the extended warranties can be costly and depending on the time and situation people may not be able to afford it.  If you say then maybe they should not purchase or then you get what you pay for , maybe so,  HOWEVER again .... a consumer should also be able to purchase an item and have the company stand by their product if they know there is an issue.  You obviously know quite a bit about computers and sales and stats which is really cool.. but just how many average joe consumers would know these things ? As far as wide spread.. you may want to google Dell Inspiron 1525.  Here are a few links for you to check out :

    As far as consumer trends and the vendors being forced to price them so low.. I really know nothing about, but I still dont feel that is an excuse for a company to deliver a faulty or "cheap" product.  I did not post to the site to get stuck in some battle of wits over a computer.. because admittedly I would not be the winner.  I merely was looking for anyone with similar issues.. which I have seen several... and stated my opinion and concern... nothing more.  Dell has been around for a long time .. and overall they put out quality products and consumers will continue to buy them.. My opinion or concern may catch someones eye momentarily but in the big scheme of things really does not count for much lol.  Rather than invest in a new motherboard.. or get a new battery or really do much of anything I will take to a local computer repair shop and see what they say and be done with it.  It still does not change my opinion on this particular laptop but we all know what opinions are like..... and everybody has one.  Thank you for your time and the "education"

  • I had the same issue on my Latitude 6400.  I ordered a new cmos battery,  removed the old one and the laptop main battery, booted the machine up to clear cmos,  it goes to a different time of day message.  Then shut dow and installed the cmos and main mattery,  rebooted and went straigt to BIOS setup,   I set the date and time and saved the setting.  All is now well.

  • Hoy tuve el mismo problema que indicas en uno de mis equipos 1525, realicé un cambio de la pila de la placa madre y el problema se resolvió (para hacer esto se debe desarmar el equipo, por lo tanto lo debe realizar alguien que entienda).  Luego al iniciar se debe configurar la fecha de la CMOS y el asunto queda listo. Suerte, espero que les sirva a quienes tengan el mismo problema.

    Today I had the same problem as you indicate in one of my computers 1525, I conducted a battery change the motherboard and the problem was solved (this is due to disassembly, so it should make someone who understands). Then when you start you must set the date of the CMOS and the matter is ready. Good luck, I hope they serve those with the same problem.

  • After removing power chord and main battery, open the laptop and remove CMOS coin cell. At this point, press the power laptops power button and keep it pressed for over 1 mintue. Then install a good CMOS coin cell. Mount main battery and power supply cord. 

    The laptop would start functioning. It would ask you to setup time and date on first start. Thereafter, it would be as good as new!!!! 

    Good luck!