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My laptop has been stolen! help !


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My laptop has been stolen! help !

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My laptop has been stolen November 16 2009. I tried to call dell support to report this issue, but dell custom service keep hang up my call. what can i do?

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  • First thing you should have done is contact your local police department.

    You can report a system as stolen to Dell here:


  • My laptop has been stolen. Please lock my laptop and signal the police Department.


  • If you have the LoJack service, call them and do that.

    If you do not have a security service like that, contact your police department - Dell will not do it for you.

    You can report a notebook stolen at the link below - Dell will use it in case someone tries to obtain service on your notebook in the future.


  • black Dell laptop inspirion black and silver  laptop seriers number # <ADMIN NOTE:Service tag removed per privacy policy>

  • my lap top has been stolen black and silver laptop my name is NIgia Wallace my e-mail is <ADMIN NOTE:Email Id removed per privacy policy>please lock my computer and forward to police department


  • No one here can do that.  YOU must call the Police Department and if you wish, report the notebook stolen, to Dell.