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Factory Restore on Inspiron 6400


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Factory Restore on Inspiron 6400

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After booting up and logging in as administrator, as per the instructions on the dell support, my computer doesnt offer that i can click on dell factory restore window.  Is there another way of restoring the system, eg from the disks with the OS and drivers on them.??   Any help would be great thanks!

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  • There is, but the quick restore comes well before login.  If XP, press CTRL-F11 once at the Dell screen.  If Vista, press F8 before Windows begins loading and choose Repair, then Restore from the menu.  Neither one requires a login.


  • I have tried that.  What option do I choose after Restore from menu.  The online dell support instructs to select dell factory restore, but i am not given that option.  What do i choose.  Thanks for prompt reply.Big Smile

  • Not all computers have Factory Restore & some computers might have corrupt partitions. You have to restore from disk if you can't use the restore partition. Directions for all methods Here.

  • Have you done anything such as a manual install, repair or installation of another OS that would have altered the boot sector to deactivate the quick restore?


  • No, haven't done anything like that.  This is first attempt because of problems which we think are caused by viruses.

  • You're going to have to manually reload from the WIndows CD/DVD.  Be sure that immediately afterward, you install the Dell notebook system software and chipset driver -- back up the c:\dell directory to a CD or flash drive before you reload, and you'll have all the drivers ready for reload thereafter.

    To initiate the install, insert the Windows CD/DVD in the drive, press F12 at bootup and boot from that disc.


  • Thanks so much for the help!  Will let you know how I get on tomorrow.