Inspiron E1505 freezes up


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Inspiron E1505 freezes up

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I haev this Inspiron E1505 that freezes up every time I use it. It takes around an hour, sometimes even less. The only thing I can do is hold down the power button for about ten seconds to shut it off. Sometimes when I start it up, it's unresponsive, and instead of turning on, the num lock light lights up, and the caps and scroll lock keys flash on and off for a while. Then I have to unplug it to stop it. The other day when I tried to run the onboard diagnostics, I got a message like this on a blue screen.


Error Code 2000-0123

Msg: Memory test failed.

Adress 0_00284E00h, Actual = 20202000h, Expected = 20202020h, Location = DIMM_B


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • That error message is telling you that test of the RAM in your system failed. Try re-seating them. Be sure to be properly grounded with a wrist strap when working with RAM.

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  • it had asked me to reseat the ram a little while ago. i did, and it didn't do anything to help.  i didn't know about using the grounding strap however. do you think the problem is that i need new ram? and if so, which chip of the two?

  • The diagnostic software is telling you the location:

    "Location = DIMM_B"

    The slots should be labeled.  Pull DIMM_B and replace it.

  • Go to and run the memory configurator. You can get a 2gb kit farely cheap now adays. Installing in matching pairs is better support for dual channel memory which your computer supports.


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  • thanks for the help guys, i appreciate it.