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Possible Stolen Laptop.

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I purchased a Dell Latitude D630 laptop a few months back (April 2009) and the keyboard went out on it and when I called Dell Tech they told me I needed to transfer ownership since it was previously registered. I've looked up the service tag and it's still under warranty. My problem is the person who I bought the laptop from won't/hasn't told me the name of the previous owner, last I was told they had to check their records and dispite the fact I've emailed them everyday I haven't heard back from them.

I'm starting to fret that this laptop was stolen.

Another problem is that I have upgraded things (hard drive) on said laptop and I don't want to loose those items if this laptop turns out to be stolen and I'm afraid that if I call and ask they'll flag it without letting me know that it was stolen and the local police will show up and take the laptop before I have a chance to remove my added parts.

I have no problem in handing the computer over if it is indeed stolen, I just really rather not be blamed for stealing it.

I also don't know what Dell would do if I mention that it was bought through auction or if they even care how I got it. I don't want to loose the warranty on it and not sure if that would be an issue.

So, the question: How/Can I find out if this laptop has been stolen??

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  • Welcome to the forums TechJedi!

    It sounds like you got a good deal on that laptop, if someone sold it to you at a discount price, then don't be surprised when you find something wrong with it. There's always a risk in buying used or even refurbished laptops. My guess is they never had the warranty, they lost it, or it was indeed stolen. In all three cases, that nullifies the warranty terms.

    And replacing the hard drive would've nullified it anyway, so let's pretend the warranty never existed. Wink

    Having said that, why don't you add to your emails that you'll report them to the BBB, your City's Chamber of Commerce, the Police, your lawyer, take your pick, just make sure they know your serious. Maybe then, they'll give you a keyboard. (which only cost about $30 fyi).

    If your data is important to you, I would suggest you copy it immediately. Remove the SATA drive, connect it to your desktop, you'll use a SATA cable which costs $4 at Fry's, Office Max, etc. Once your data is secure, then there's nothing keeping you from reporting it as stolen, if you don't get anywhere with the auctioneers emails, phone calls and what not, then you'll have to make good on your promise, and involve the authorities. However, if you can't prove that it's stolen, then the police can't either, and they probably won't confiscate it.

    Why would you assume the worst anyway? Huh?

  • Did you try using this Transfer form? You don't need the owner's name, just the tag. You need to be in the US and use the computer to be transferred to fill out the form.

  • I did get a great deal on the laptop and I'm not at all surprised that after having it for a few months, something went wrong. Since I ran the service tag through Dell and confirmed that it is still under warranty and I can even tell you when it originally was shipped out.

    Replacing the hard drive does not nullify the warranty in anyway. Just if I have hard drive problems I cannot go through Dell to have that serviced. Not sure where you got that information....

    I'm not after THEM for a keyboard I'm after them for previous owner's information so that I can transfer ownership through Dell and use the warranty should something else happen and I don't feel like footing the bill. After all, isn't that what warranties are for? FYI, I bought a brand new keyboard for it for $15 elsewhere then installed it myself.

    Did I forget to mention that I'm a computer technician for the Federal Government? I know all about backing up data...it's not the data that's important, it's the fact I put a solid state drive in it and I'm not handing that over to anyone. Specially since all it came with was a SATA.

    If the guy was on the up and up, he would have responded to me by now don't you think? Records are not that hard to find if this is what you do on a daily basis. One would imagine a business to be organized.

    I personally think it's rude to threaten people and the phrase "You'll get more bees with honey" applies. The last thing I want is for this person to freak out and disappear completely if in case this does turn out for the worst. I'd like the cops to be able to nab this person so that they're not out there stealing and dealing.

  • Mary G

    Did you try using this Transfer form? You don't need the owner's name, just the tag. You need to be in the US and use the computer to be transferred to fill out the form.

    I did try that, and I was informed that it couldn't be submitted and was forwarded to some other place and I'll be contacted in 10 days or so.

    Thanks for the link though!