how can i reset my latitude D600 bios ?


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how can i reset my latitude D600 bios ?

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Hi .. please i would like to know how to reset the Bios of Dell latitude D600 . I Heard taking out the battery for about an hour can do this but i am not so sure if its true . Please can any one help.

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  • BIOS can't be reset, CMOS NVRAM can be reset to factory defaults by taking out the battery for a while (like 30 mins or so).

    What's the problem you need to clear NVRAM for ?

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  • Sounds like the user is trying to clear a password, which cannot be done other than by calling Dell.


  • Actually i am trying to reset my overclocking ,so it becomes like the default setting from the Factory . I would like to update my bios but i heard i have to turn off over clocking . Can taking out the batteries do this ?