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error code 0146, message error code 2000-0146


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error code 0146, message error code 2000-0146

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my dell inspiron 1520 start give problems. after PSA diagnostic i have got error code 0146. message: error code 2000-0146. unit 1:dst log error. what does it means? what do i need to do next? many thanks

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  • You need a new hard drive - any 2.5" 9.5 mm SATA notebook drive will work.

  • hi. i have the same problem with my inspiron 1501 and get msg error code: 0146...where can i get a 2.5" 9.5 mm SATA notebook drive?

  • is a good source.

  • thanks. but why would my PC need a new hard drive i don't have any music, video, or pictures, programs saved on my laptop? only use it for the Internet. still don't understand why i get that msg error code 0146, message error code 2000-0146 when i try to diagnose my pc when windows doesnt start correctly. sometimes it turns on without any trouble and at times i get this msg. please help! not computer literate

  • It makes no difference what you use the computer for - when it's turned on, the hard drive is needed to start up the operating system and run the computer.  Like any electromechanical device, a hard drive can fail at any time - may be after two hours, two days, two years or two decades - but they all fail eventually.

    You likely have a drive where sectors are going bad - sometimes they may be readable, sometimes not. But it's just a matter of time before the drive fails completely.

    Replace the hard drive.


  • So is there anyway I can save my pictures and files....

  • lisa, what you could try is to remove the drive, place it in an external usb 2.0 caddy (making sure whether your hard drive is ide or sata and buying accordingly), and attaching to another computer via usb.  You may be lucky and be able to rescue your data. There is data recovery software which you could google for, I'm afraid I have no recommendations. I hope you get your data back, but in future when your computer is up and running back up anything that is important to you.


  • This happened to my harddrive (about a year and a half old) last year and I replaced it over the summer with a new one from dell, back when my computer was under warranty. Now, the warranty has expired but my computer had been freezing a lot and I just ran the diagnostic test only to find the same error message. My computer seems to be working fine except that it freezes a TON for minutes at a time, and then will go back to completely normal for 20 minutes until it happens again.


    I was wondering if it's possible that another part of my computer (again, not computer literate) could be affecting my harddrive and causing this failure for both consecutive harddrives, or if the error message could imply something else that I'm missing?




  • The two biggest killers of hard drive are heat and shock - if the system is overheating  it can drastically shorten the drive life.  So too can shock, particularly when the drive is spinning.


  • Hi,

    Had this same problem on Inspiron 1545.  Just wanted add what I did that seems to have solved the problem, I'll let u know if it stops working again.  Will be posting this elsewhere as well.

    Got started on this link:  


    I booted off the dell OS disk by pressing f12 at startup and selecting CD-rom/DVD. 

    After files load, Click repair OS instead of Install. 

    Click Command Prompt.  Type C:\   Hit Enter

    Type in chkdsk     Hit Enter

    After chkdsk runs, If you have the same problem I did, it will say unable to repair in read-only mode.

    on C:\, Type chkdsk/r

    It will prompt you that all handles will be invalid, type y and press enter.

    chkdsk fixed my problem, Reboot by typing exit and press enter.  

    Start Windows Normally.


    Hope this helps, def post again if it happens again.



  • Worked long enough to get my info off of it.  I reinstalled windows and it's working great, but we'll see.

  • I have the same error 0146 (2000-0146). I have insert window7 DVD and install again the window. At the screen to choose the disk logic, I have create again the disks and install OK. But my system is broken again. I have an other problem with the screen, When put the power to start windows, the screen usually in while color. At these time, I have to power many times. Did I have the problem of the hard disk or other problem? How can i solve the problem?

    Thank your very much.

  • 2000-0146 unit 0: DST log contains previous errors.

    It means that there are previous errors in the log.

    Remove and reinstall the Hard Drive for the error codes:



    PSA Error Code 2000-0146
    PSA+ Error Code 2000-0146

    Then Reset the BIOS to the defaults for these error codes.

    For more information on resetting the BIOS to the defaults, refer to the Resetting the System Setup (BIOS) to its Default Settings section.

    After resetting the BIOS to the defaults, re-run the diagnostics if you receive the same error code Contact Us.

    Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating
    Contact USA Technical Support

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  • Hi there, when i try to start my laptop Dell1535 i get this message:

    No bootable device---strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for set utility, F% to run onboard diagnostics

    I did the F5 and i get the:
    Error code 0146
    Msg: Error code 2000-0146
    The given error code and message can be used by Dell Technical Support to help diagnose the problem.

    I read online and sound like is the HDD broken so i plug it on a external usb 2.0 caddy and i was able to retrieve all my data, I format it and work perfectly...but didn't fix the problem because as soon i connect the HDD to the laptop i get the same Error.

    At this point I got another HDD (that work perfectly) connected to the laptop and the same error.

    Last test i did I bought a new Hdd connector just in case...but nothing the same error :-(

    Any idea?

  • Does the BIOS see the drive(s)?  F2 at powerup.