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Replaced Battery won't charge for Dell Inspiron 1525


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Replaced Battery won't charge for Dell Inspiron 1525

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After about 18 months of using my 1525, the battery suddenly stopped being charged.  After reading the forums I saw that the 6-cell batteries were notorious for sudden failure and had very poor ratings. So I just bought the replacement 9-cell battery. "85 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery, for Inspiron 1525, Customer installed", I got it two 2 days ago. Anyway, when I run the laptop off the battery it works, but now the power is only 5% (Battery LED flashes orange). When I run the laptop of the charger, it runs fine too. However, when the battery won't charge at all (whether the laptop is on or off). I went throught the full on-line battery trouble shooting session on the Dell site. In the end it directed me to dell support.

Since my warrantly ended 6 months ago I thought I would ask "the forum" if there is anything I can do to make this new battery charge.

BTW, I am using the original 1525 charger: Pow: 65W, P/N: YT886, Model: FA65NS0-00 and the battery LED won't come on and the system tray battery icon says the battery has "5% charge, not charging". I have also tried my work laptop's charger: Pow: 90W, DP/N: DF266, Model: LA900PS0-00 and it has now effect (no Battery LED light on etc.) either.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  • Try it in a similar laptop and see if it's the same there. If so the battery is toast. However there's usually more to it.

    Dell uses the Smart Battery System - the battery has a microcontroller with flash memory inside to keep track of it's state.

    During manufacturing battery cells and micro-controller meet for the first time - a reset takes place - voila a new battery pack is born.

    This reset might be the magic wand to many battery problems

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