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Precision M4400 Broadcom USH Windows 7 64 Bit driver


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Precision M4400 Broadcom USH Windows 7 64 Bit driver

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Not able to get my smartcard slot to work. The driver for the smartcard is not found when I insert it, and the Broadcom USH device has no drivers found. Can't find them on the drivers page either.

If someone has gotten this to work, please reply.


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  • Hi! I am having the same issue!! I can't find an updated driver anywhere! HELP!!  Tongue Tied

  • Same here, is there a driver available yet ?


  • The Broadcom USH driver is part of the Dell Security Device Driver Pack. You can find this under Dell Control Point in the Drivers and Downloads.

  • I'm sorry if i'm ressurrecting a dead post, but the original description fits my problem perfectly.

    I have a "Broadcom USH w/ swipe sensor"  under "unkown" conteiner in Device Manager. I have installed a Windows 7 Professional x64 on a Latitude E4300. Tried many drivers, no success. The solution suggested above does not work, since the file is for a 32-bit system, i presume (because it just won't install, like the others).

    ... And Dell recomends Windows 7!

  • For a Latitude E6520 the XP driver was Under Security > Dell Driver > ControlVault.

  • Broadcom ush Driver

  • I had the same problem and used the Windows Vista 64-driver(Dell security device driver pack under Dell controlpoint driver) and it installed well and worked.

    No more yellow flag in Device Manager.