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Vostro 1000 CPU upgrade?


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Vostro 1000 CPU upgrade?

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I have a Vostro 1000 with a Dell 0WY383 mainboard and Mobile AMD Sempron 3600+ 2.0 GHZ CPU.  I'm wanting to upgrade this CPU to a faster one.

Can't find any info on what the mainboard can accept.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • I have the same mainboard with 1.9 GHz AMD Turion 58 Dual Core processor with 1 MB Cache. I was told that the fastest CPU I can get is 2.0 GHZ. so my best guess is that you already have the fastest CPU you can have. (This is just a FYI for anyone else who happens to stumble upon the question like I did.) You might try a more efficient processor; I looked up Sempron and it's a budget CPU. Turion is top of the line. What I don't know is if Dell made the boards identical to use either processor in this motherboard.

  • Processador AMD TurionTM 64 X2 Dual Core TL-56 (1,8 GHz, 1 MB)
    Processador AMD TurionTM 64 X2 Dual Core TL-50 (1,6 GHz, 512 KB)
    Processador AMD® AthlonTM 64 X2 Mobile Technology TK-57
    AMD® SempronTM Mobile Technology 3600+

  • These processors are compatible without error

    AMD Turion 64 X2
    TL-60 (2.0 GHz / 1 MB)
    TL-56 (1.8 GHz / 1 MB)
    TL-52 (1.6 GHz / 1 MB)
    TL-50 (1.6 GHz / 512 KB)
    AMD Athlon 64 X2
    TK-53 (1.7 GHz / 512 KB)
    AMD Sempron Sempron 3800+ (2.2 GHz / 256 KB)
    Sempron 3500+ (1.8 GHz / 512 KB)

    Estes processadores são compativeis sem erro