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dell 1735 broken right hinge cover


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dell 1735 broken right hinge cover

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I bought a dell studio 1735 nearly 12 months ago and the cover has broken around the right hand hinge. Has anyone slse had the same problem? Have taken it back to pc world who have said dell wont repair it as its accidental damage and the hinges are only covered for 6 months.

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  • Hello Kath70,

    This is not true at all. If you have a complete care warranty Dell will replace the hinge cover for you. Depending on the damage that the system has, it may just be plastics. If not then the LCD may need to be replace in order to fully fix it.


  • Hi Jeff2010,

    The laptop itself is fine I'm using it  now, it is just the plastics. I took it to pc world who sent it off to their own tech team who said the weren't allowed to touch it as it should go back to dell, they said they contacted dell who refused to collect it saying we broke it thro misuse and the hinges arent covered after 6 months, pc world want £229 to repair it lol.


  • Hello Kath70,

    So I'm guessing that you bought the system at PC World? Or is that just a local computer store for you? If you bought the system from Dell and you may be able to get some help. If you had complete care warranty no questions would really be asked about it. But even with complete care, Dell can say no because Complete Care doesn't cover cracks and scratches to the system that don't effect the system's performance. When calling Dell let the tech that you speak to know that its a small crack thats starting on the hinge plastics. In order to fix your crack, you would need to have the back LCD Plastics replaced. If they still tell you no, then you should ask about buying the back plastics. If you're not handy with a screw driver then maybe you have a friend that is. It's not hard at all really to replace the plastics. Here is how to do it:

    LCD Repair Link -

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your help will call dell tomorrow and see what the say. :o) kath x

  • I bought the same laptop direct from Dell 13 months ago and have exactly the same problem. I paid loads extra for a 4 year warrenty but after a 20 minute call to their Service Centre in India have basically be told that it is not covered. They have not given any solution whatsoever !


  • seems its a common fault on dell laptops, we have sent ours back twice to be repaired and now it is out of warranty although it was only repaired 4months ago it hhas now cracked and broken again! in 12 months the laptop has had 3 new keyboards and two new hinges, cheap rubbish would never buy another dell product again