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Laptop cover cracked

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So, I have a Dell Studio 15 that's a little more than 6 months old. The other day, it fell off my bed (about a foot up) and part od the cover/plastic framing around my screen got cracked/messed up. There's no huge damage (as in everything works), but the cover pops off from the frame when I open my laptop, exposing some of the back of the monitor (I have it taped up right now so it's still functional). It's hard to explain, but that's the gyst of the problem.

My question is, is there a way to get it fixed? I'm pretty sure I'll have to get the cover replaced, if not the whole plastic frame for my monitor. I have several different warranties that are still good for my computer (Dell Complete Care, Dell Limited Technical Support, BSC Next Business Day Support). Does anyone know if any of those warranties will cover my problem? I'm not exactly sure what each one covers (I don't know where to look that up). I haven't called anyone from Dell yet as I'm in college (about 8 hours away from my home) right now and don't know if I can get support out here. Anyways, thanks to anyone who reads this.

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  • Complete Care will cover it - depending on your warranty, either at home or office, or return to Dell (they send you a box).


  • Okay, cool. As long as there isn't any more damage showing up, I'll probably wait for the next chance I have at home to call (last time I called about my CD drive acting up, someone came to the house to replace it the next day). Thanks!