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Inspiron 1720 - Many beeps at start up


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Inspiron 1720 - Many beeps at start up

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Hi everyone!

My Inspiron 1720 has started to annoy me with many beeps when switching on. I cannot say how many beeps, about 20 in 2 series of 10 or something like that.

Those can be heard when bios screen is off and before Windows loading screen. The first time it appeared "select OS" screen showed up but I have only Vista installed. I switched off selecting OS and this screen is there no more but it did not affect the beeps.

I run Diagnostic Tools but no problems detected there. I looked for the solution and did not find any answers - though few people reported the similar problem. The standard Dell beep codes don't describe my case.

My laptop is about 1 year old and this is first problem I have got with it. Even with Vista on board - I cannot say anything wrong about this system.

Can anyone help please?

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  • Check for a stuck-down key on the keyboard.


  • Thank you for this suggestion. I bought a new keyboard on Ebay and beeping stopped :)