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Network Controller Driver - Dell Latitude E6400

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Hello everyone - I tried all the drivers on Dell E6400 under xp and none would appy to this driver.

IN my computer management Driver list I have "Network Controller" PCI bus 12, device 0, function 0

Can someone point to the direction of this driver? Greatly appreciated!

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  • Nevermind - I was able to locate this.

  • Where?  I have the same problem with an XFR D630 laptop that the motherboard was just replaced in.  Now I have this hardware driver that it claims is not installed, and the chipset/mobo drivers did not remedy.



  • Were you able to find the drivers? I just install Windows 7 on my E6400 and now it says it can't find  the drivers for the dr Broadcom USH, Mass Storage, Network, PCI Simple connections, or SM Bus -- man  what a mess! Do you know what folder holds the drivers??

  • You likely will have to go to the dell site, put in the service tag and DL the drivers from the download site - that's what I had to do.  They aren't well documented, but in general install them in this order :

    System Software

    Chipset software

    PCMCIA/Smartcard software - even if you don't think you need it, you need it.

    Intel Storage

    Audio Adapter

    Video Adapter

    Network Interface Card

    Dell Control Point (DCP) : System Manager, Security Manager, Connection Manager

    note : older systems use Quickset for the above DCP items

    Wireless network card


    touchpad, pointer, trackstick, mice, keyboards

    intel vpro/AMT

    Dell wireless broadband cards


    touch screen if you have one