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Studio 1535 to Windows 7...?

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Hey, I'm pretty sure others will be interested in this too so I thought I'd ask here.

I bought the 1535 last year with Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I will be getting Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Here are my questions:

1. Where would I find the correct drivers? Should I just use the Vista 64 drivers for Studio 1535?

2. If I had to format my HDD for some reason, would I be able to re-install Windows 7 with Upgrade media? I've read that the installation will ask for my Vista install disc - will the one that Dell supplied work for this?

Thanks in advance.

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  • You should run the Upgrade Advisor before you decide what version of Win 7 to install. A laptop and its software will probably run better with 32 bit. Your upgrade disk will contain both 32 & 64 versions. BTW, you cannot upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit unless you choose Custom install, reformat and do a clean install. The 64 bit upgrade installation will work only on 64 bit vista. 64 bit versions should be installed on more powerful desktop computers with at least 4 GB of ram, IMO.

    Yes the upgrade disk will be able to do a clean install and you will never be asked for your Vista disk. That's incorrect infomation. You must start the upgrade from a valid installation of an eligible operating system, but then you choose Custom install to do a clean install. Research Windows 7 at the Windows 7 help site to get all the info.

  • Ok, so if one day I had to format my HDD, I would first have to reinstall Vista using my Dell disc, then install Windows 7 using the Upgrade media?

  • I am going to guess that you could make a bootable back-up disk from Windows 7 and therefore not need to perform the entire upgrade again, but that's just a guess.  You might still need your Vista key though???

  • bhavinshah88,

    I'd like to know how the windows 7 install goes.  I too have vista 32-bit on a 1535.  I recently got the 64-bit upgrade and am waiting a couple days to see what the forums say.  Dell says on its website that it doesn't recommend installing Widnows 7, but the upgrade advisor says everything is just fine.  The only problem I've been able to find on the forums is a missing driver for the Ricoh something or other.

    Keep us informed on your success! (or failure?)

  • Yep I will report back asap - I won't be installing till 4th Dec as that's when I go home for Christmas (I don't really want to install whilst at uni in case things go wrong!).

    I'm pretty sure it'll be fine - any drivers that work on Vista should in theory work on 7 as well.

  • Guys,

    I have a 1535 w/ 3 gig memory, purchased last August.  I had to uninstall SQL Server 2008 and the Catylist software for the ATI 3450 HD graphics card; I haven't reinstalled Catylist yet, but the upgrade advisor said I would be safe to.  I'll list more hardware details below, but as far as the upgrade, I went to the 32 bit Home premium version of 7 and am LOVING IT!!  Not to mention, it seems to be using the battery better.  I did have to update a bunch of drivers and such, but it was awesome, all my stuff was there, just as I left it.  Good luck with the 64 bit, I've heard that's kind of risky.  Any questions I'll be glad to answer, but there really wasn't much to it, so, there you have it.


    Studio 1535

    Core duo 2, 3 gig ram, radeon 3450 hd - 512mb, 250g hd, finger print reader, dell 1370 half-mini wireless g/b w/bluetooth. 

  • Does your touch-sensitive media keys on the top of the keyboard still work?

  • Interesting actually, they weren't working right before I upgraded, so I wasn't that worried about them (I don't use them that much anyway), but I just checked and the only one that seems to be off is the mute button - it only mutes for a second.  Everything else is working properly, even the Dell direct media button.

  • How about the cd eject button?  That's a touch-sensitive button for you too, right?  I suppose that would be the most important button.

  • I was looking online for any type of driver in case the media buttons didn't work, and I came across a dell forum about non-functioning media keys.  Apparently there's two ways to possibly fix your problem.  One involves disconnecting the AC power and the battery and then pressing the power button for 10 sec (draining MB power).

    The other method is a firmware update for the hinge hardware, described here:

    If you decide to try it out, reply to tell if this fixes any sort of Win 7 compatibility problems that may or may not exist with the media keys.

  • Hi. I've just installed Windows & 64 Bit on to my Studio 1535 and it's working fine. BUT... I don't have all the correct drivers...How do I no, firstly which ones i've got and, secondly, how do i get the right ones installed?

    The Dell Driver page doesn't give me the option of Windows 7 when i input my computer's details, only Vista...

    Can anyone help a novice???


  • When you say it's working fine, but you don't have the correct drivers, what exactly do you mean?  How many devices are you having problems with?

    Go to the support page for the 1535 and instead of download 32-bit drivers, download the 64-bit drivers.  They are vista drivers but should still work.

    Also, does your touch-sensitive media keys still work?

  • justinkel

    How about the cd eject button?  That's a touch-sensitive button for you too, right?  I suppose that would be the most important button.

    Justinkel -- the eject button works as well.  If it doesn't theres always the function>f10 or the right click>eject options.  Just for clarification, all the drivers and programs I had to update/unistall, I did before the upgrade per the upgrade assistant's advice.  There was one thing that I ignored and that was the incompatiblility notice for the Cisco PEAP module version 1.0.13 - somewhere there's an upgrade to version 1.1.0, but I couldn't find it.  Sooo....  the PEAP module is a protocol for wireless WPA2 over enterprise for wireless encryption, which I don't ever use, so I just left it alone.  If you do use this you might want to get this fixed first (I use the personal WPA2-AES w/PSK which doesn't utilize the PEAP module.) 

    As far as the 64 bit version, you may want to look into getting the drivers for the 1555 (I read this replaced the 1535 somewhere else in this forum), that may help your problems????  Research tha thouroghly first though, I don't know if its correct or not.

  • I stuffed up and didn't back up my drivers before i installed windows 7...

    I have downloaded some of the 64-bit drivers from the support page but not sure if they're right as i have no sound now! It was fine before i attempted to download these new drivers though....Hmmm.

    My touch-sensitive media keys are working, but not the media direct button...This is probably because one of the drivers i downloaded from the support page was the CinemaNow Media Manager....

  • Some of that stuff doesn't sound like anything I need.  I'm not worried about the media direct button because I uninstalled that program.  If I use something like that, I'll stick with Media Center.  I'm just worried about some of the normal things like disc drives, usb, SD slot, webcam, and media touch buttons.  Many or most of these things are supported through Microsoft or generic drivers, but for those few other things I'm worried about 64-bit compatibility.  They do make vista -64 versions so I'm hoping those will suffice if I run into any problems.

    That sound driver problem is weird.  You said it was working in Win 7 before installing something you downloaded from Dell?  I'd say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  I'm just worried about those few "broke" possibilities.

    So no problems with webcam or anything like that?  Did anyone have trouble with the Ricoh drivers?  Did anyone install Dell Support Center on a fresh Win 7 install?  Will it still pick up your service tag?