Latitude D610 - Can it recognize more than 2GB RAM?


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Latitude D610 - Can it recognize more than 2GB RAM?

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We are having to make do and defer hardware purchases.  We have tried to add RAM to a Latitude D610 to improve user performance.  There is a 2GB stick plus a 512K stick.   It seems that A06 (10/12/2005) is the most recent BIOS version.  BIOS only recognizes 2GB. Windows recognizes 2.5GB, but states can only use 2GB.

Is there anything that can be done so that it could recognize the 2.5GB or even 4GB ( 2 x 2GB), within the 32 bit windows limitations of course?

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  • 2G is the max for this system.


  • It is odd though that windows sees the 2.5GB, but the hardware (BIOS) does not.    For windows to recognize 2.5GB is installed means it must be seeing it on some level.

    I wonder if there are any newer BIOS updates for the D610. DO you know if any are planned?


  • The ability of Windows to read the memory module size from the chip on the module does not, regrettably, mean that it will use it properly.  According to the documents available on the Dell support page, the D610 uses either the 915 pm or 915 gm chipset.  Intel's specs on this chipset family indicate a 2 GB maximum on the memory controller.  A BIOS update would not help overcome this limit even if such an update were available.

    EDIT:  If you have the time you might experiment with a memory diagnostic to see if the 2.5 GB installation will operate without errors.

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  • I will try the system diagnostic. Thank you.

  • Were you able to get the system to recognize more than 2gb?  If so, how?  Thanks


    Tried 2,5 Gb - the D610 doesn't see the extra memory - however has no problem it's there.

    Spec doesn't mention 2Gb modules, however they do work.

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  • Okay just in case anyone else reads this:

    You cannot use 2 different size memory cards. 2-512mb or 2-1gb - they have to match no matter what and this goes with every system. You could try 2-2gb cards but it would not work because of the reasons stated above. Try it out. Take a 1gb and a 512mb card and see what happens. =0)

    To reiterate class:

    If you use both memory slots...the cards in them must be of of equal size.

  • I have the same model with 915 chipset. I put 3 GB of ram and only 2GB is useable. windows 7 sees 3 gigs but bios sees different. I think you and I gotta get a new system at some point even though win 7 runs great on this old business laptop... I really have no idea what can be done


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  • What you are saying is totally wrong.  You can mix memory sizes in any machines as long as you don't go over the max memory of the system board or the max memory of the slot.  you can also mix memory speeds as long as both speeds are with in the specification of the board.  what will happen here is all the memory will run at the slower speed.  Now there is a type of memory that use to be like that where you needed to have the exact same size and speed in each slot.  That was call RDRam (Rambus memory) and I have built those type of computers before too.


    If you would like to know how I know this I have been working on computer, laptops, and servers for 15 years.  I am A+ certified and worked for IBM for 4 years.  Plus I use to sell computers on the side.  I have built over 500 computers myself not counting the computers I have worked on for my jobs.

  • Yes you can.  Mine had a 1GB and a 512GB stick for 1.5GB RAM