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Motherboard serial #

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Don't know if this is the best place to ask this question but ...

Is there a way to track the serial # for a laptop motherboard? Does Dell keep track of each components serial # when they build, repair or sell a laptop? I found a decent deal on a supposed "New" motherboard for my machine but would like a way to verify it is not a refurbished piece out of a used machine. If it is refurbed then it is not such a good deal compared to others I have seen. Does Dell record each serial # so they can be verified as new or used or does anyone know of any other way to verify such information? tia


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  • The board doesn't have a separate serial number - the serial number of the mainobard is the same as the service tag number for the system.  Yes, Dell keeps a record of that and of the registered owner of the system (systems sold at retail must be registered by the buyer after sale).

    "new" probably means the board has no service tag -- if it's a replacement part, not out of a system, the service tag is blank.  The technician would install the service tag number upon replacing the board for a warranty repair.



  • Thanks ejn63, I had popped my laptop case apart last week to see if I could see something obvious that may be causing a problem. I don't recall seeing my service tag # on the board, though I wasn't really looking for it either. Is it nomally a hand written sticker or engraved directly on the board somehow, do you know? I did have the board replaced by Dell once already on my system so would that make a difference in how it was recorded? If I knew the location and how this # was recorded on the board I could at least ask them take and send me a picture of the number.

    Can you think of a more reliable way to verify the boards authecticity besides the service tag #? Or do I just have to take their word that it is what they say it is? tia



  • The service tag number is not on the system board.  It's embedded in the BIOS chip and it's on a sticker on the bottom of the system.

    Unless a board was shipped in a Dell system, it won't have a service tag - repair parts are sent with blank service tag fields. 


  • Thanks, so if I understand correctly then, there is really no way to verify it is a new board until it is installed and the bios shows a blank service tag for the board? Even then it does not necessarily mean it is an entirely new board right.

    Anyhow, on to the next question.

    When preparing to boot the machine for the first time, after replacing the motherboard, the service manual says:

    1. Ensure that the AC adapter is plugged in and that the main battery is installed properly.


    NOTE: If you use a BIOS update program CD to flash the BIOS, press <F12> before inserting the CD so that you can set up the computer to boot from a CD this one time only. Otherwise, you must enter the system setup program to change the default boot order.

    1. Insert the BIOS update program CD, and turn on the computer.

    NOTICE: Do not interrupt this process once it begins. Doing so may cause system damage.

    Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. The computer continues to boot and updates the new BIOS. When the flash update is complete, the computer will automatically reboot.

    1. Press <F2> during POST to enter the system setup program.

    2. Press <Alt> and <f> to reset the computer defaults.

    3. Press <Esc>, select Save changes and reboot, and press <Enter> to save configuration changes.

    4. Remove the flash BIOS update program CD from the drive and restart the computer.

    I have a couple questions concerning the instructions above but for now ... is there somewhere I can download a copy of this "BIOS update program CD" ? If not, how would I go about accomplishing this task of updating the bios and entering my service tag on the new board?

    tia ... again:)

  • Ok, for anyone else who comes across this in the future, I have come to find that Dell apparently has a CD it sends with refurbished motherboards so you can flash the BIOS and add your service tag. The kit that contains the motherboard and the CD is named "DELL Motherboard Service Kit  #JK626 from what I have found. I have no idea yet how you can get a copy of this CD if you buy a #CF739 motherboard from someone other than DELL.

    Nobody know where one can get a copy of this CD?