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Dell Inspiron 1545, Freezing screen within 5 minutes.


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Dell Inspiron 1545, Freezing screen within 5 minutes.

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So I go to turn on my laptop, it loads and I get to the desktop, Everything loads up normally.  After 5 minutes, there is a weird noise coming from the hardware area of the laptop, then the computer freezes.  It doesn't really freeze, but everything stops,  I can still use the mouse and move that around.  But I cant click on anything or load anything.

I go to turn it off and reset it and, It makes the noise right away and a screen pops up and says "internal hard disk drive not found To resolve this issue, try to reseat the drive. 

Then it gives me three options, F1 to reboot ( doesn't work ) F2 for setup utility which takes me to a dell screen and just shows system info, Theres really nothing to do there so I try F5 to run onboard diagnostics.  It runs a couple of tests for a couple of minutes and nothing really happens.  But it does say that threre IS NO HARDRIVE DETECTED.

Can any one please help?

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  • A couple of questions for you...

    How old is the 1545?

    How long has it been doing this?

    Are you able to use or access any programs/files before it freezes?

    Has the laptop been dropped/bumped/knocked around at all before this started happening?

    Did you install/update any new software/drivers etc, replace any parts or change any bios settings in the immediate time frame before this started happening?